Saturday, June 24, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 24/05/2017

Another good day in the garden.

Guttering was put up on the roof of the new shed where it was then connected to the guttering of the potting shed to collect as much rain water to help when plants need watering.

More talks about the raised beds and what should be grown in them.

The newly erected shed had a fresh lick of paint while the weather was dry and I sat under the shade of a tree as I was exhausted with the heat.

Beetroot is growing well.

Earth is being dug up to make an even level when walking in and out of the potting shed.

It's always nice to sit in the shade of a tree.                            

What great reflections on the wildlife pond.

Look hard;
you can see the new resident who is a Common Back Swimmer Insect at Inspire Community Garden.

Common Back Swimmer Insect


                                                                            To Be Continued...................

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