Saturday, June 24, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - New Garden Shed & Solar Power Workshop 21/05/2017

I arrived at the garden just in time to join them all at lunch break. Everyone had been busy working on the land that morning as there was preparations for the build of a new shed and there was also work done for the Solar Power Workshop in the afternoon.

Work continued in the garden and the level base was done where the new shed will be positioned.

There's always work to be done in the "Potting Shed"

The caterpillars had moved to another nettle home.

More notes were taken on what and where the plants will go and there was a tour around the garden before the Solar Power Workshop started in the afternoon.

I showed the visitors some caterpillars nesting before they turn into butterflies.
Wild flower seeds were scattered and raked into the wild area.

A large group of visitors arrived for the Solar Panel Workshop.

The strawberries had more protection from weeds by putting down the weed suppressant fabric.

The Solar Panel Workshop got into progress and I was amazed to see so many visitors with notebooks and pens and writing down all the information about the workshop that day!

It was great to hear so many questions going backwards and forwards on this workshop.

Steve saved the day and made the teas and coffee's as I was busy taking pictures of the days class.

Work progressed as a new donated shed was positioned next to the Potting Shed.

It's lovely to see that even although it was a busy workshop on Solar Power; all the volunteers still continued working on tasks that were needed to be done in the garden.

The group were shown things that can be done with a homemade solar power unit.

I asked if the lights could do the disco flashing and it was very interesting to watch the process.

The base of the next shed was completed then the sides were put into place.

Discussions and plans about the next set of raised beds to be completed.

Then the little Robin Redbreast joined in the conversations.

The new shed received an OK after examination.

A Glazier arrived at the garden for the Solar Power workshop and as that class finished he started to size and cut each panel of glass for the greenhouse.

It always looks so easy when the professional is at work.
All @ Inspire Community Garden sends a Big Thanks to the Glazier.

 Happiness fills the air as all the glass is cut to size....Yeehaaaa! the greenhouse can be finished soon.

                                                               To Be Continued.............................

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