Monday, November 6, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Fig Tree Donation, Felling, Pizza & Apple Pressing 05/10/2017

Early Sunday morning collecting a Fig Tree that's been donated to the Inspire Community Garden.
The Fig tree has been placed South facing until they arrange the right area for the tree to be planted.
I look forward to see the fruit appear on the tree next year.

Leveling the area between the Polytunnel and the Potting Shed.

The newly constructed composting bins were being used by all 4 bins.

Preparations started for the Apple Pressing.

Tree Felling underway.

I looked closer at this picture and the volunteer had his back to the sunlight and yet there is nothing on the land that would show the dazzling 3 white light reflections that appears around his mouth.
I looked at the picture even closer to see what could have caused this bright light but I have no idea how these light areas have appeared ???

Tree felling continued and volunteers had designated areas on the pathway doing 'Safety Watching'
They were taking care of the safety of any walkers passing by on the cycle/pathway.

There was culinary work being done by the pizza chef's. Previously, I had taken a medley of the garden tomatoes to make the tomato & basil sauce for the day's pizza's.

There was attention given to the water plants placing in the pond.

Stones were placed on top of water plants to give them weight and hold them under water to grow.

                                                               To Be Continued...................

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  1. Wonderful to read about your activities. I hope you are much feeling better since you began writing your blog. Well done.