Friday, December 8, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Christine's Arrival 06/12/2017

It's lovely to see that my sister Christine always finds time to pop up and have another look to see the progress that has happened in the garden since her last visit. She's always happily surprised with all the hard work that the volunteers have put into this garden as it is constantly changing for the better.


 One of the apple trees was being re-planted in a new position in the garden. They were discussing the height it would grow and the width that the branches will spread and making sure that it got enough of the sunshine.

More work continued on the preparations of the new raised beds to be assembled.

I listened to details of the replanting and the need to give enough room for the roots and how to hold the roots high a bit like sieving the earth and not too squashed into the earth. (I can understand these words if no one else does!)

                                                           To Be Continued..............

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