Sunday, May 6, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - The Hanging Baskets 02/05/2018

Brackets were screwed onto the raised decking posts for the decorative hanging baskets to be placed.

Lines of string were suspended for the future growing of tomatoes.
Below is the internet explanation:

The concept is this: instead of growing your indeterminate tomatoes in cages or tying them to stakes, you prune each plant to a single vine and train it vertically, up a rope.
Training the tomatoes to grow vertically means all the plants get more sunlight, even though they’re planted fairly close together. Pruning improves airflow, which keeps the leaves dry and mildew-free, and makes it easy to keep an eye on suckers and pests. And without the sprawling side growth, the plant can focus its energy into the fruit.


                                                       To Be Continued..............

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