Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chesterfield College - Trip to London - Tate Britain

An early morning start on a day visit to London to see Tate Britain

Next stop;
take Underground, walk past St Paul's Cathedral then walk over The Millennium Bridge London

Old and New buildings side by side.
Masonry and Glass with reflections.

Views from The Millennium Bridge


All art pieces are from The Tate Britain

Some colour ranges does affect myself as it's an "ease to the eye" it's like a peaceful calmness of the inner self of a persons true or internal mind, soul or nature (definition of "inner self" from dictionary)

I enjoyed to look at the markings of;
Wassily Kandinsky 1866 - 1944
Cossacks 1910-11
Oil paint on canvas

Then I found peacefullness watching the circle floating around a room with the yellow and purple colour catching the light on it's circular movement.

Olafur Eliasson 1967
Yellow versus Purple 2003
Glass, steel cable, motor, floodlight and tripod

Interesting piece of movement.

Next was Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali who both done paintings during the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Picasso responded by painting on what was seen.

Pablo Picasso 1881 - 1973
Weeping Woman 1937
Oil paint on canvas

Salvador Dali 1904 - 1989
Autumnal Cannibalism 1936
Oil paint on canvas

It was amazing to see that art can be made out of what would normally be thrown away in an instant.
Cardboard boxes and permanent marker pen has now become a huge piece of work which fills up the space on a very large wall.

I had to stand back and catch my breath when I seen this....

Andrea Bowers 1965
The Workers Maypole

The next thing I seen was an optical illusion through certain colours and a waving line.

 Bridget Riley 1931
To a Summer's Day 1980
Acrylic paint on canvas

The more I stood back to look, the more I started to see the lines moving gently over the canvas.

I then tried to look at the lines from the side but to my eye the lines seemed like the same thickness of the line but wavy?

I then had to walk away and think about it!

When I looked at the next 6 art pieces, the first thing that came into my mind was reflections!

Gerhard Richter
Abstract Painter

Abstract painting works are by applying layers of paint then wiping a squeegee across the surface. The upper layers of paint are dragged across the canvas, earlier movements from the painter's creation are allowed to surface as he listens to the music by John cage.

(Maybe he is painting to/with/for the music!)

The mammoth space that holds Tate Britain is so Huge but also so Small.
The higher you go up in the building and look down to see people walking about the ground floor, it was an awesome sight to see these people look as if they're the size of an ant!

The picture below; I captured this view to draw and noticed who was in the bottom of the picture.


The Tate is so Big & Busy yet you can still be so Small & Quiet & Peaceful in this vast huge place.

A wonderful experience @ TATE Britain.

                                                       To Be Continued...........................

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