Thursday, March 1, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - Spring Clean 18/02/20184

There was new posts put up in the Inspire Community Garden Notice Board and two of the volunteers worked on the donated topsoil to save as many of the snowdrop bulbs that were surprisingly found when they went into bloom. These bulbs will be placed in suitable areas within the garden so that they will bloom again next January/February 2019

Shredded bark was collected for the flooring in the 2nd Polytunnel whilst the greenhouses were receiving a spring clean on the glass for the New Years growing.

There was a good talk about shredded bark as flooring and a visit was made to the 2nd Polytunnel.

The ramp is now taking some solid form and look forward to seeing it being used.

                                                                           I managed to get a quick refresh at crocheting.

These staging shelves now have the Capillary Matting to water plants economically as this versatile material absorbs and holds the water which can be drawn up by soil in the potted plants positioned on the matting.

There was a lot of measurements taken down in preparation for the next session to build the steps.

                                     Another good working day @ Inspire Community Garden

                                                          To Be Continued........................

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