Thursday, March 8, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - Spring has Sprung... 7/03/2018

We arrived early in the morning and the sun happily heated the air so we decided to have a cuppa in the open air as we sat on the newly constructed stairs to the decking area.
I was modelling and testing out the newly designed Inspire Community Garden polo shirt.
I like both shades of green which will be used in both the polo shirt and fleece zipper.

There was a list of things to be done by volunteers and I started pricking and potting one tray of the Money Maker tomato shoots that was ready for the next stage in growing.

Manure had already been placed on one of the plots and ready for work to begin on turning the soil.

Shoots started to appear in the Soft Fruit Cage so it really must be Spring now!

Work began in turning the land and manure together that will enrich the soil for the new years growth.

Wooden planks were used to kneel and move on top of the soil to place the new plants in regular lines for the new season of growing.

There was natural therapy going on, potting the plants in your bare hands rather than wearing gloves.
It was very Tactile to the touch.

                                                          To Be Continued.......................

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