Saturday, April 28, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - Drone Bee, Green Safari Bug & Zebra(bouncing)Spider 18/04/2018

The first thing I saw when entering the garden was a Drone Bee having a bit of a clean up on the decking handrail. The Drone was taking the pollen from it's mouth and placing it on the handrail where it then spun round to collect the pollen onto the pollen bags on the rear legs.

Next to be seen was the Green Safari Shield Bug/Palomena prasina

The Zebra Spider is 5-9mm in length, you need to keep your eyes open to detect this bouncing spider.

Work started in preparation of putting the glass into the newly erected greenhouse frame.

The tadpoles are busy swimming while enjoying the heat from the sun.

                                                                To Be Continued...........

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