Thursday, April 12, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - Pizza Oven, Tadpoles, Tree Surgeon & Treasure? 08/04/2018

The outdoor Pizza Oven had an MOT for the New Cooking Year @ Inspire Community Garden

It was lovely to see all the little tadpoles in the wildlife pond.

The Tree Surgeon arrived and looked at the rings of curling bark that was effecting the tree trunks.

After looking at the trees some of the trunk limbs had to be cut down to stop infestation spreading throughout the trees.

Time for Elevenses Al Fresco!

Treasure was uncovered from the use of a Rotavator being used on the land and our thoughts are (using humour) it's an old relic which could be the 'Old Roman Wheelbarrow' from years gone by!?


                                                                To Be Continued...............

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