Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching up on my blob............but Yesterday!

Well, I'm quickly throwing in a wee story from yesterday..................

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Yesterday, I was in The Chesterfield Hospital to be a volunteer for HEADWAY North Derbyshire.
This has been my third visit with Headway, I love to stand there with my moving legs and tongue.
I wear my HEADWAY T-Shirt with PRIDE!
Headway is my best friend, it has assisted me to all of a sudden, have so much more friends; Brain Injury Friends........ BIF . (I think this may be a word made by me!)
I stood at the Tombola Stand with the tickets in one hand and the Poetry Book in the other.
I smile the biggest smile to all the visiting guests; sometimes life can be sad or very happy, that would have been my visiting guests.........sad.......then HAPPY!
Our team was the lovely Neal, Mary, Jean and myself.
Neal has a great wealth of knowledge on the story of the Headway Poetry Book, a lovely lady wrote her poems for Headway as she has a great connection with this Charity. Well Done Lady.
As we came to our end of the day, (we had nothing left to sell!) the purse became heavier; THANX ALL!
It's always a great joy when we leave empty of gifts, that's a good job done.
As the three left the building I stayed behind to enquire at the reception desk.
I enquired about......"a lady about this high with MATRON on her blue dress! Any idea!"
This receptionist pointed me over to another room, her left arm pointing, so I went over to the right hand side and seen another room with a disabled pressing sign for the door to open.
The door opened and I walked through, the secretary was on the phone but she smiled at me.
I stood there and waited.
Suddenly; through another door a lady came out and asked me if she could assist me with anything.
Well; I started to tell her about the "Lady this high, MATRON on her dress"
She about turned and walked through the doorway where she came from.
I followed and said "Can I follow you!"
I did anyway!
Who did I see.......................................................!
That lady who was "yon high" was right in front of me!
I thought that I was going to cry but I never, it was a great meeting after how many weeks.......!
She was right next to me and she still had MATRON on the blue dress.
We started talking......Oops!........I talked a lot.
I stood in the room with my back to the corner so that I could see them all in my vision.
This was amazing!
Dawn Handley, Matron.
She had a similar haemorrhage in 1990, 23 years ago, she has chosen to work in the medical area.
I'm Gobsmacked; she has been a LUCKY LADY.
Dawn was so lucky that she never had any after effects, I was lucky, I seem to have gotten them ALL!
Mr Batterby looked after her in the Hallamshire Hospital in 1990, I wonder if he's still there?

Dear Mr Patel,

I'm just wondering!!!!
Did you work under Mr Batterby, is he still there; or has he retired!
I would like to see him if he's still here!
You know what I'm like......pushy Eh!

Lots of Love,
Pauline XXX
As I was telling the story to them, one of the pc's was busy clicking away then a big smile appeared.
"AH!" She said, in the corner, "I take it, this is Mr Patel!"
"AHhhhhhh!" I said, and we all moved over to the computer.
WoW, I hope they have a good story so far.
"I'll pop back soon to see you all, OK!"
All my Love
Pauline Quinn XXX

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