Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's now Wednesday 6th February 2013

Wednesday 6th Feb.

I woke up this morning and it was snowing again, the sight in my eyes were whiter than white.
Katie turned up for me at lunch time; 12:30pm, she was taking me along to Ashgate Hospice.
I was going into the charity shop to practice my skills here with other volunteers; I do try!
I passed on my skills and I have been invited to help with them as a Volunteer.
I felt great to help and assist with them for the Ashgate Hospice Charity.
I volunteered for an hour and I was knackered and needed a seat and a wee coffee! Ahhhhh!
I got home for a rest, a well deserved rest.
Later, I watched the lovely Bruce Willis,
Is he here to save the world!
Today is not a good day to die!
On Valentines Day, Die Hard!
I carried on watching The One Show:- everyone talks more these days about disabilities.

  1. This is Andrew Cunane and his marathon buddy (Sorry, I forget the other name XXX) doing a Marathon up Ben Nevis for ME!
    WOWSER to both of you for doing this for me.
I've allowed so many hiccups in life pass me by and never thought about it.
Now it changes!

I'll try to arrange pictures better on my Blob!
I'm trying to keep my brain in my head!
I'm locking all the loose things in my head!
Hee, Hee, Hee!!!
 Did I decorate this skull hat..................................!!!

I have No Idea.....................................................!!!

It's quite sad to be able to know where you are and what happens, but really, you know nothing and find it frustrating to allow the brain to accept all these words being said.
It's curious!
You know all that happens but you just know nothing?
The Temptations & Bruce Willis

All singing together, it was a good night on the telly.

Then it was Kung Foo Fighting.
 Panda's come into my life soon.
The Neurocare Charity Newsletter was the first
thing that got my story on a travel adventure.

 I hope that I did a good job of writing my Cover Story for the Issue 1 Newsletter 2013.
My main concern was to make Emma proud of me!  I'm truley Gobsmacked!
The Derbyshire Times had my story too!

 Then the Sheffield Telegraph Newspaper took a dance with me on the dancefloor on the 7th February 2013.

It's still snowing, where did the Spring hide!
I met Sonya at the Supercuts for a little trim, any type of heavyness on the weight in the length of the hair is irritating for me. Maybe I should shave it all off!!! Not!!!
It was lovely spending the time with Adrian, we did giggle alot  it was wonderful.
The guys in MeadowFresh were introduced to Adrian by me, I like to introduce all my new friends to my kindofa nephew, Janiece and Davids nephew.
I said to the guys, "I'm sure I can do something here!" (Hey, I'm kidding, but they might get worried! I'm Scottish!)

I can't turn the pictures around here and can't write on the left side of the page when the pictures are here, need more education!

Don't believe in the HYPE!!!

I went to The Headway North Derbyshire meeting, it's good to talk between us all, exhilarating!
 Mark Marky, put a comment on FaceBook for me, THANX MARK MARKY.
Calling you lot from Salou Soul family!
You all remember Pauline Quinn bopping around on the stage, doing back flips and climbing up the side of the hotel Jaime in her spider woman costume? For those that dont know Pauline she suffered a brain haemorrhage some time back and basically she was "written off" but she fought back and came to Salou for the first time and had a great time.
Now Pauline is going to walk the 5km around the Rother Valley Park on Sunday the 21st of April 2013 in aid of Neurocare who helped her back on her feet.
Please support!!

What can I say.......................................................................................GOBSMACKED!!!


It's "Kissing the Ball "
The pictures are not playing with me! Darn it!!! The camera behaves worse than the phone camera!!!
I went to the 10pin Bowling with HEADWAY North-Derbyshire.
We all work TOGETHER it's so much fun!
I will get the pictures here sooner than later OK. ;-)

And Fuzzy again!!

And, Yet again Fuzzy!!!

Hoorah! It's kind-of-a-OK!!!!

The pictures are playing about with my patience, they won't do what I want them to DO!!!!!!!!!!!
My Brain is caught in a Tornado!

My world is spinning around, am I in KANSAS!!!
"No, Chesterfield !" that's my home talking to me.
Imagination story telly, Oops! (story telling) can be fun, maybe I shall write something and use my brain.

Inspector Pauline and her Broken Brain

I could be a detective?
How far shall my imagination travel!
I wonder!!!



Monday 25th February
My health.
Just before this month ends, I had trouble breathing, trying to lace up my shoes! BUMMER!
Something so simple, but so hard for me.
I use the Spire as the heart of Chesterfield, my focus for North, South, East and West.

Tuesday 26th February
I woke up at 05:30am.
I was disorientated.
I had numbness in my left fingers ends.
I had tightness in the skin on my right leg.
I couldn't get back to sleep after I eventually made it through my disorientation to the loo.
I Panicked!
I sent a text to Janiece and Sue Gibbons from Leonard Cheshire Disability, I text them both about what was happening to me, my door was knocked at just after 8am. My surprise was Sue Gibbons!
As soon as she recieved my text, she just threw clothes on straight away and made it as fast as she could to be there for me by my side.
I called the Surgery staight away at 8am, and managed to get an appointment for 09:30am.
I walked out of the surgery with a whole new bundle of problems, my doctor had said that I am "ANXIOUS" and "DEPRESSED" with my family ................................................WOW!

Well, Oh well, Oh well, Oh well!


                                                                                   Janiece and Ade
A nice end to my month, a good nights sleep is needed! Goodnight All.

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