Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching up on My Life.

Hi, to all my friends in my new world, still catching up Short and Sweet.

Xmas and New Year;
Dave and Ann Marshall in Dunstable with little Teddy the dog, he flies through the air and doesn't touch the ground.
We flew around Dunstable Downs, flying high into the sky.
The stories were strong and powerful, it gives you another path to take.

 Dave loved to talk, just like me ;-)

When we got to the top of the Downs it reminded us of times gone bye.
The shadows having a great conversation.

The sun shone on our perfect day.

The star arrived that day.

I made it there and back with my stick, we stick together.

Little Teddy flies through the air and the puddle.
My friend from a long time ago, Loz, Loraine Burgess arrived for our get together, a superb evening.

I was doggy talking!
Teddy and I kept each other company.

Teddy listened to me! I hope! 


13 is supposed to be an unlucky number; but to me, it feels like a good NEW YEAR!
What great sights to see, the Spiral, Black & White buildings, the immence amount of sights.
It has been an education to keep my eyes open in this world, I feel that before this sadness happened to me, that I was stuck in a crowd with blinkers on my eyes which hid what had been happening in the world around me. I never knew that a Stroke was so serious.
Do You Know!
I thought a Stroke was an elderly cold...................Achoooooo!
Out Bowling with my new friends at Headway North Derbyshire
The Spire.
The brain can be a bit lazy sometimes and forget some names, so here goes;
Louise, Matt, Neal so far, brain gone fuzzy. Oops!
Give me 2 minutes and I'll be back on line here!
I look out for the Spire every day,
When I see the Spire, I know what direction to take, it's my Map.
The architectural buildings are more precise to my brain as a map.
Paulines new home and garden <3 

I'm looking good these days, a new life a new age


I wonder who created this great architectural creation in Chesterfield, it's as if The Spire is the centre of life here, how many times a day is it being clicked by the cameras, who knows!

Matt from Headway Derbyshire North.

QuentinTarintino sits there and thinks, then the brain appears to have some movements, they all laugh at the story. Life Eh!
 I'm trying to play about with my brain, let's see how far it will stretch!
This was the first two weeks into January 2013, catch up soon.

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