Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chesterfield College and Movember awareness.

The New Year started with the Head Start, Denise Mina, Spireites and "Sweet Dreams"

I got to my first morning at Chesterfield College......On Time!

I had prepared everything that I was wearing on the Sunday, I was so prepared to organise my head for this.
On the evening I cut the toenails, shaved the legs, (just incase they touched my legs), Yikes!
I was running through everything in my mind, toe nails cut.....tick, legs shaved......tick, be prepared!

Here's the start of my feet adventure, and as we progress so will the camera, Shannon is my photographer and video girl and Emma is my masseur, my weekly girls doing their thang!
Me with my Chesterfield College Pass.

I sat like a Bhudda, I told her all about me and all that's not working with me. She was shocked at what happened to me.

As you can see; she was still shocked so the tutor, Bridget stood by her and I worked hard to make her laugh.

We started on Reflexology.
I started to tell Emma a story.

Now to work!

I got Emma to laugh which made me happy.

Shannon looked at my Head Start paper for Neurocare Charity.

I didn't want to miss out on any situation about me walking and would they like to join me..........You never know!

At Last! Emma the student takes away all the layers of yukky skin on the soles of my feet.
What a relief....... This right foot or leg doesn't belong to me......too true.
The left is absolutely mine, but the right.........No way!!!
The right has a numbness and the most weird feeling to try to explain it.

Chesterfield College Beauty & Holistic Tutor Bridget.

I took a video of her working away on my feet.
The tutor asked them to write down all that I said for their files

Have you seen this sight of blubber called ME! Pauline Quinn!

I was trying to explain what the feelings were like on my feet.....individually, they don't feel the same!

The left foot is mine but the right foot belongs to someone else.
The nerves in the system are trying to lock themselves into where they were before, I wonder how long it will take to get all these bits and pieces back together again.
I'll never be the same person that I was before, it's difficult to try and explain here just now.
I'll still be me, but a different me! I'll explain it on another page OK!

Now the Reflexology!

Shannon started to look through my published file.
Then the tutor came round to see if there was anything to write for in their own scholar written exams papers.
A busy day with students.

Emma's great at this Reflexology

The tutor explained to me what was happening now.

How I walk on my feet.

This left foot carries the weight of my whole body.

The wording that they write next week shall be very interesting about a bonafida real live sick person who is recovering now.
These students have started to make comments on what they see within the sole of the foot.
Emma told me that from my feet she could see that I had trouble within the chest area!
I told her of my heavyness in breathing when I tie my shoe laces..........WoW!!!
She called Bridget over to see between the ball of the left foot.
She told me straight away that my left foot carries the heaviness of the whole body as the right side is too weak.
Then Bridget brought in another tutor to look at my feet and straight away she said that I had a fungus growing under my right toe!
"Shock Horror!"
How does that happen as I was told that I must have dropped something on the top of my foot?
Clever people at this College....the right place at the right time......


I recieved my Happy Feet

I may have fallen asleep for a few minutes there!

Then I told Emma about the pin sharpness I felt on my right foot.
This is when she put the peppermint lotion on the feet.
Possibly this right foot may becoming alive......well and truley! (I wish)

Then we had a lovely hand treatment...........Ahhhh Bliss !
(and a drink of water)

As I was about to leave the College, there was some media students out preparing their video named Movember.
I'm amazed with all the students here, they have a special "Je ne sais pas!"
 "I don't know?" Do You!!!

About Movember

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. With their “Mo’s” men raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. As an independent global charity, Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

Movember challenges men to grow a moustache for the 30-days of November, thereby changing their appearance and the face of men’s health.

 I went to take my video of them as that is what I saw that day with my Happy Feet!

Keenan Scholes........Nicole Furnis..........Jodie Green...........Dwain De Villa

A wonderful group of Media students willing to share their time with me.

Here's my fabulous students doing their doo!

I loved the moustached colourful theme.
Then Dwain said........"Would you like to dance with me Pauline!"

I must have shot a heavy growth above my top lip or is it to do with the Reflexology magic???

Dwain helped me with my top lip growth.

We're now letting people know that we're ready.

Dwain did the Scottish dance...........I got it right.........Yeeha!!!

We let the world know that we were fandabbydozy!

What a dancing couple....I loved it........XXX

We done the "Shake yer ass!"

What an awesome group to meet on my way home....Amazing! Brilliant! Awesome! Great!

Bye folks, see you all next time..... XXXXX
 I've had a superduper far!!!!!

Here's the video.
Well it's been a long time.....many, many years if anyone even thought of asking me that question!
I accepted for their media was so much fun.

Then Dancin' with a Moustache*

Dwain was my dancing partner with an edge !

What a day!
A perfect day for me.
I wonder what will happen next..............!

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