Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chesterfield College, a great surprise!

The following week there was some exams to be taken at the College but I still had my other classes to experience more movements of the Qigong and Thai Chi. Taught by my tutor, Terry Beevers.
You have to concentrate on the movements and to keep the timing with everyone.
Usually after about 15minutes into the regime I yawn so loud and heavy I really need to lie down but I keep moving forward with the exercises. This is my life and I wish to have it back, one of these days!

Then I went into town and met up with:-
This is Catherine Cobb.
There has been so many things in life over my lifetime and I've never paid any attention to who walks past me, have I just swerved my eyes to the other side of the road so that I seen nothing?
Maybe  we have deliberately ignored things as we are either too busy with our own lives or we don't want to know the sadness right in front of front of me!
I called on Catherine and she moved across the road with her mother who took our picture.
This lady then crossed the road to meet me as I had called over that it was a lovely day and she walked faster than me!
This is when you find the time to give and pass on a nice word to others as they walked past even on the otherside of the road.
Catherine then said:-
"regardless of an osteosarcoma nothing will stop me from my aims and goals in life! "
What an insperation.........!

Have I changed with my attitude in never know!

Bella & I are Art friends having a cuppa and a natter.Creativity appears from every angle.

I giggled as I watched Dale give the staff their massages that day. I still laugh at what I'd seen.
A great Cafe Nero way to release the joints after a busy day.
Maybe I should put my name down for a shoulder massage; it looked like Bliss!

The 2nd meeting at the Chesterfield College...............WoWSeR!

I needed a drink of water to calm me down after their news!  Bridget & I

When I got to the College, I was collected by Julia who took me from the reception area.
I thought that I was just having Emma but all the students are keen to find out what happens with me and what they can find in my feet area at this moment. A great research that they are studying on.
As soon as I walked through the doors on my second visit, Bridget held onto my arm and said to me; "We've all put our heads together and we are having an event for you!"
"What are you doing on Monday the 7th of April......... can you pop round here for the event as we are doing this for your favourite charity, Neurocare Charity in the College!"
My heart beat so fast, I mentioned that I was Gobsmacked as I put my hand to my heart.
I said that I'm up to nothing as it's hard enough to get out of bed each day!
I felt that they have officially Gobsmacked me with this information about this event.
Totally Gobsmacked!
I need to lie down and catch my breath!
I asked Bridget to write all the details in my diary as my mind was running away with all these beautiful words.
It says:-
7th April Monday 10-2pm
*Neurocare - Event @ Chesterfield College
* Complementary Therapy Students
* Hand and Arm Eve Taylor Candle Massage
* Indian Head Massage
* Foot Massage

What news to recieve on my 2nd visit !
I'm still Gobsmacked and we're now 2 weeks down the line of that initial great news for Neurocare.

Students all love to help with me..........I graciously thank you all......

As I lay on the bed for the Reflexology, I called Neurocare Charity straight away as Bridget wanted me to inform them of what was in front of me now.
When Bridget got close enough for me to say "C'mere!" I drew her into my area as my fingers moved into a "Come hither! Gesture with the right fingers"
I then moved the phone to her mouth and said:- "Here!.....It's Neurocare......You talk to them!"

She started to talk about me weeping when I heard the news and then I may have dozed into my own world of happiness as her conversation dissappeared from my ears.

A world of my own.....pleasure and happiness!
As Julia carried on with my Reflexology she then told me of the Crystals in my right end two toes, one is the pinky toe.
She asked me about my eyes and my heart area?
I told her about the three pairs of glasses that I have and that I used to be in a red world through my eyes, and the breathing, this is life when your recovering.
We are all going through the same trauma but totally different in certain areas, but the same!!!
It can be very bizarre at times, but we need to get over it.
For me it's usually an "All or Nothing!" situation.
I want all of my life as I have nothing now.

Students are a great miracle for me.........ThanX All.

Later Bridget appeared again to ask another question........
"Are you still going to arrive weekly like we asked!"
"Ohh Yes!" I answered.
They replied "Will you be free before or after your session for an interview with James Marples our Press and Communications guy on the 11th of February?"
"Ohhh lovely; that'll be great!" I replied.

What a day so far!!!

This is Sasha alongside Peter my Creative Writing friend. The world is very small.

I then went and had another accidental coffee meeting with Matthew Murray and wifey Janet.
At this moment in time, I need to go back to learn how to transer a video onto this blob/blog!
It'll probably be something so easy, the nut and bolt have hidden from me.
I'll get there, no worries, just wait till I catch up with the world again.

When I walked home my feet were so happy, I joined the College Facebook and seen that they had an open night.
Well I had dinner early and decided to go back to the college to say a big thankyou for what I heard that morning.
As I walked in I saw a gentleman at the doorway with his badge, I took a hold of it straight away and then said: "Hello! Mr James Marples, I'm looking for you!"
 So this is the man that I heard about earlier that day, what a surprise!
 I'll put up the two pictures so that he can decide what picture he would like for himself
James, Michaella & Jane, thanks for the evening, it was awesome!

Do you know that Chesterfield College has a Heart Space opened by Jessica Ennis the Heptathalon Gold Medalist Athlete in November 16th 2012.
What a great background to follow by these Students.

I had a lovely walk and talk with James and we spoke about some interviews but I have confirmed the first interview so far for Neurocare Charity.

I wonder what life shall bring next!
I'll be out walking here, there and everywhere with the sun following my steps.
Another good day....................

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