Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Specialist Stroke Services - A Right Good Read with Neurocare Charity.

Next day there was Alva and Heather who done "A Right Good Read"
I opened my diary and wrote:-
Brush Strokes - ?
Have I seen this?

They read out Pam Ayres - Just ask my husband,
                                            My husband knows it all!

We laughed at this theme of the writing.
When I got home; yes, I did have the same book at home. the brain is remembering all sorts of information now.
I now have two books named Brush Strokes by Heather Shaw.
I should open up my own style of Library about spooky huddling areas that a Stroke can appear in.....Yikes!

Education and reading is a great thing to achieve, you can dream away with the words and tell some fantastical journey's to a great new mystical world in our imaginations.
It can keep the brain alive and active, well mine does anyway.
I wonder where the brain shall visit today.
I can be a happy miserable person, that's my choice, no one elses, That's Life!

Words mean so much to me with Alva and Heather
I wonder what excitement shall arrive next......You never know!
It's a soup day!
Chris is showing us all how to make the base for the Vegetable soups or even use them as the start of your sauces.
His food knowledge is still there with him to share with us all.

 Carol, Tracy and Debbie are my tasters for the camera.

Norman and Tracy enjoyed their soups of leek and potato.
The soups were lovely and Chris still managed to blag a Pot Washer.
Clever Eh!
Poor Carol, she's still up to her wrists in the water!
The brains are still working and being alive.

How did he manage to get me involved as the Stirrer!!!

The next day I went onto Neurocare Charity in Sheffield.
I had a wee peek through the window into the office.
I wonder if they would recognise me.......Oohhhh!

I love getting freebies for nothing................Is this just a Scottish Pleasure. "Getting anything for nothing!" I love it.

I went in to collect my Head Start Poster for Chesterfield College to use in their interview background.

I'll put the big cake down for a second Shhhhhh!
Have I got any crumbs on my chin area!!! I got away with that one............!

I let them see my achievements and my progression within the file.

I told them some stories whilst I was there.

Ooh! Pauline Quinn was on their wall diary for the visit to the office. Well Chuffed....ThanX

I gave them a lovely card with meaningful words.

This is the Neurocare Charity Team in Sheffield
Their chief Exec is Patricia, Finance and Admin is Becks and the two fundraisers are Corin and Holly

I happily shared my story from 2013 with Catherine, my Chauffeur of the day. Merci Madame. XXX

I can't decide on the picture here's them both.
Catherine was my Chauffeur before at the Mayors Christmas Party in the Town Hall.
A lovely artist friend too.

What shall happen next Eh!


  1. Great stuff Pauline! Thanks from the Neurocare Ladies :-) xxx

    1. The biggest and happiest ThanX back to you all.
      The Chesterfield College video will be out soon, I'm so excited about that.
      I've also done my own unproffessional video of me being interviewed about Neurocare Charity.
      Hey, a video of a video, or looking at the otherside of the interview.
      ;-) XXXX