Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meeting Mr Patel on the 19th of August 2013

This is Caiden from the last blob/blog Oops! 2 ways of pictures; camera & mobiles, whatever has the power left!

My feet & legs seem to be very tired these days, I just want to cry! Well I do cry!

On a drizzly rainy day the sky found a way to pull out the rainbow from up it's sleeve, life may get brighter with all the colours under the sun.

Lunch out with myself, very enjoyable!

This seams to be my day.
Lunch, coffee, cake and water.
This is what life's all about.
This makes me get out of bed.
Each step is hard every day.
Nathaniels drawing

I bumped into Nathaniel McGeown & Michael Frankle again, at OUR FORGOTTEN WAR HEROES stall, we seem to be meeting each other on another regular accidental meeting. Nathaniel is very artistic with a pencil to draw, so I showed them my second painting that I finished. When shall we bump into each other next then!
....then Nathaniel

I bump into Michael again........

Michael &  Nathaniel, they don't forget the war heroes!

Then the clouds gathered suddenly in a blink of the eye.
Then the clouds dissappeared as fast as they arrived.

I got facinated with the clouds for painting then the lightning appeared through the internet. I got very interested in the skies.
This little lady took the smallest steps. I wish I did that; small steps!

The Spire is continually impressive.
I went out for a coffee and I decided to write. As I was writing, I needed to go to the loo, I stood up to ask this girl to look after my things on the table when all of a sudden this lady walked over briskly and said:- "Why do you have to just jump into someone elses conversation!" Well, Shock/Horror! I said "I was just going to the Loo!" 
That took me back! Others telling me what to do!
I can still get frustrated at how some people deal with you as they have never been there with a brain injury.
The names that people have used for me can be very, very sad and cruel.
This can be a quiet lonely place to be.
Someone told me:- People can go deeper and messier than the shit that is on your shoes!
Too true, I thought.
When you have a brain injury like I have had, why do people have no respect for me! That's another story! Chapter 1 millionth!
I went home and lay on the sofa for a rest.
I was just going for a wee 10 minute nap, I napped in the afternoon for about 2 hrs, a very rare occassion.
I lay down with my back on the sofa, put the both of my arms folded over my chest. I woke up with numbness down my left hand and fingers. Strange! Any reason for that?
When I see Mr Patel on the 19th of August I'll let him know!
It may be something silly!
Why do I keep using the exclamation mark, am I shocked at all that happens these days!!!
You never know!
One Sunday I went up for another Blessing, I felt a spark on my forehead.
Later, I looked at my forehead and I thought I may be getting a spot, so I just thought that the spark was probably a plook and the priest may have touched a nerve.
Well I think of anything and everything these days!
Janiece came to collect me later and we went out for our Sunday Lunch at Treble Bob. I love the food there!
Basically, I still love food!

I'll look for a colourful name.

 Everytime I look for the sun to shine on me, it hides behind things.
Trees, clouds, shadows, I need to find it to heat me up as I feel cold constantly. Brrrrr!

 The leaves from the tree is keeping the sun away from me.

There was another cloud passing by as the cloud hooked onto the sun's rays.
 The sun was ready to appear and then......
 The sun found a cloud to chat and hold hands as they cruised the sky together.

 The sky was getting bluer as the sun was getting brighter and other clouds wanted to join in with this blethering.
 Ooooooooh ! they were starting to have a party in the sky as the clouds were all twisting together.
 The party was getting bigger.
 The shadows were having a party on the wall.
 My shadow jumped into dance again on the wall.
 The shadow stopped....
The sun appeared on its own and danced in the sky as the clouds boogied away in the heat and they all sang from the soul in their heart.

What a pleasure to have a good imagination and play with the words that usually lie in our minds and doo nothing!

I stopped over at Janiece and David's as I had an early appointment with Mr Patel at Royal Hallamshire Hospital the next morning. I had my list of questions for him, he knows what I'm like, talk, talk, talk blether, blether, blether. But I listened to him firstly as he is a busy, busy man.
I told Mr Patel about all his miracles that I have accidently met so far. The miracles is who he has saved.

Mr Patel Neurosurgeon, My miracle maker.
At this moment, I'm now part of a Project in Research.
I'm pretty honoured to be part of this for Mr Patel.

Ouch........Project Research!

Jane Sugden, Mr Patels secretary.

I'm wearing normal socks, nothing too tight.
But I think that this look is abnormality to me!
Chunky ankles, sometimes its the top of the feet but
I never thought of taking pictures then! Blast!

A writing friend gave me his computer "Thanks Roland"
A glorious warm sunny day.

The sun started to hide again.

Then the sun decided to hide behind the tree again.

This was the loveliest pup to watch the actions.
Wibbly Wobbly fat things inside my feet and ankles, they move a smidge'n when I press it.
Maybe it's an alien? You never know!
 Kefae loved his new present of the rocking horse and a teddy bear.

Lovely day

We loved our time together.

Kefae giggling

Listening to lots of Kefae's stories.

Miguel XXX

My & cake in Sheffield XXX

MASTER>>>>>>>>NEED BATTERY TO MOVE & TALK..........................................Bzzzzzzzzzz!

Went for dinner at Piccolinos

I got stuck behind the pink door!

the holiday

Lets see what shall happen tomorrow Eh!

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