Monday, September 9, 2013

My life in August 2013

As I walked into town on the last day of July, there was a girl under a tree, I thought it was going to rain, then another girl popped out. and you know me, blether, blether, blether. We started talking about alcohol!
Well, she worded it to me perfectly. She asked me if I was an alcoholic?
I said "No!" I was very possitive there, no doubt at all!
Then she asked me if alcohol was needed by me for anything?
I said "Yes!"
I told her that I needed alcohol to get me to sleep so that I could get up for work in the morning!
Silly; isn't it!
I told her about the cider that I bought, and how much it cost me, I paid for it through my tips, etc, etc, etc.
I think they were very impressed with all the details that I gave them, just like that!
Then we spoke about my writing!
I told them about my accidental meeting with a writing friend, Roland Gray, who gave me some booklets.
Now the talking got more interesting, I told them about the headlines from the DORA booklet:-
Over Worked!
Family Problems!
Money Worries!
As I stood there, I said; tick, tick, tick!
This is only MY FEELINGS!
This is HOW I FELT!
The way how the brain works through stress can be very tricky 
We started to talk about Hope Springs.

I went down to volunteer at the 2 charity shops.
When I finished at my volunteer shop, I asked Paul to assist me as I needed to know where to go for the council office. When we turned up, Roger remembered me as he had seen me cry last week in the shop.
I really should have just sat down and thought at what I was doing that week.
Roger asked me to feel his head........!
Roger had a tumour in his head and he goes for a scan on a regular basis to make sure that the tumour has gone for good.
Good Luck Roger, All the Best.
The Housing Team; Roger, Rachael & Rachel

August started with a life, a beautiful child named Caiden.
Do you know that the name is of American origin!
The meaning of Caiden is "fighter".
His father Dale allowed me to sit in the chair and hold the child, that was my miracle.
Thank you very much Dale, I appreciate your kindness.
I'll drop off a present here for you, OK!
Best Wishes to you both. XXX

Dale with son Caiden

As I was walking through the market, I had a new 'remember' moment.
Basically my brain was with the fairies, daydreaming with my memories, then...........!
In my mind all I had was "I remember!"
I remembered going through the Scan, things are getting so clear in my mind these days.
I went for some ice-cream and a seat, my legs were getting heavy now.
The next day, I went back into the market and stopped off at Brian's stall with the hats. I had promised Dale that I would bring in a present so I dropped it off with Callum to pass it on.
I started to think about the Chapel, what's the difference between a chapel and a church?
I stopped off at DORA again, I've become an accidental friend with all, even the dog!
I'm looking for a computer as the laptop is about to collapse on me!
I asked at DORA if they had any spare computers!........................PLEEEEEASE!
I asked Steve & Ken from from Sharp from Centre Of Exellence if there was any left over computers?
They wrote down all the places where I may get a computer, so I put all the info in my handbag.
I actually put the piece of paper along with all the other papers at home, in a BIG pile of nonsense to me!

Red sky at night is a Shepherd's Delight!

X marked the spot!

I made a Choc Cake for Fr Terry.

On my way home, I popped into Hope Springs to have a wee chat and introduce myself to Fr Terry.
We made an appointment to have a proper talk the next day, I do a lot of talking......again!
Hope Springs right at my feet again.
I made a Chocolate cake for the next days meeting at Hope Springs, a present from me to all of them!
When Fr Terry and I sat down in the room, I brought out of my bag my certificates.
I smiled at him and said:-
"This is my certificate for the black babies!"
Father said that we never use words like that now, words have changed now!
"Ahh!" I said, "Things change Eh!"
I started to talk to him about my youth and living in Hamilton; confessing at Chapel and running away from going to Sunday Mass.
I explained to him that I didn't feel that it was right for me to walk into a Holy House after what happened to me in my youth.
I told Father that Janiece stayed with me on a Sunday and we walked down by the Burn, climbed up the Coal Bing, palyed on the swings and spent the plate money in the Dairy Shop for sweets or Dairy Ice Cream and lollypops. Janiece always changed the stories that we brought back to our parents. She was so clever, she always new which week was what; and what psalm was said in what week. Clever!
I told Father that I was a virgin until 25yrs old! Shock/Horror Eh!
I thought that at that age I was an old lady, I'd never had any boyfriend in my life.
The oldest virgin in town!
I told Father Terry that I had this hanging around my neck for all these years!
As we spoke Father explained that "I had been blessed all those years ago!"
What a numpty I had been.....until NOW!
Kids can be so cruel to others................That Was Me!
The next day, I felt that a weight had been lifted
 from me but my body was getting heavy and sore, my feet and legs up to the waist.
What the heck happens now!
"Just smile!" is what I thought to myself, no other way out of this.
Sometimes you can fall deeper and lower that the shit that's on your shoes!
I went back to volunteer and sat on a little step seat at the shop door with a bib and bucket for any pennies.
I thought "Why is my body so sore and heavy!"
I'm smiling anyway, I'll go for a nice coffee and cake when I'm finished my hour!

Who's this? Ahhh! It's Michelle from the British Heart Foundation.
My Rambling day!

ThanX Zoe!

It was a good day for Rambling

Local Football Team @ Holmebrook Valley Park

Working Together
The Football Team
Mark Jules
Thomas Selkis
Jack Sparrow
Luke Knightley
Josh Perkins
The Team
Joel Searson
Sam Kirk
Kasey Scott
Kyle Perrins

Football Team; it was a pleasure to watch all the the work that comes through for playing the game. I'm learning all these things that dissappeared from my mind. Thank You All 

Using their head.

Head shots and Tackles

 Well dressed & Well played!

The next day I walked to Hope Springs and left 2 large teddies for their stall the next day.
Why do I keep buying baby things for others newborns?

Lilly & Emily Smedley

I walked out of the toilets at the Library when all of a sudden I rushed back into the toilets and flew into the toilet where I was. I started to search every corner and picked up whatever was there.

The taller young lady turned round and said to me :- Are you looking for this?
What a relief I had as she picked it up from the sink at the  dryer. Phew!
I introduced myself and she introduced herself as Lilly Smedley.
When we got out in the hallway she introduced me to her mother Emily.
ThanX to Lilly & Emily Smedley, for your help. Merci!


I actually thought that I was a professional pool Player! What planet am I on?

I asked the Mayor; "Just kid-on that I know what I'm doing!"

I explained about the frame I carried, I'm going to paint and this will protect the picture on the canvas.

I can sometimes come out with a cracker of a line!

I've had a brilliant afternoon with Fr Terry & The Mayor.

This is Hope Springs with Fr Terry & The Mayor

The Mayor gave me a thumbs up for his day at Hope Springs. Thanks!

We all went out for dinner, still a food affair for me!

I still talk too much!

My evening companions; Debbie, John, Lauren, Janiece & David

Hello, would you like to paint me!
Starting on a Black Canvas
Where did that double chin from!!!


I'm only using white & blue on a black canvas.
What on earth am I playing at Rod? Lunch?

Rod's using a sandy colour & white. A variation.
Having fun again painting!

Where did the paint go?


 Great paintings from all!

Rod Blount, Brain Injury like myself! Challenging!

My challenge too!

I need to buy new paint brushes!

My next creation completed!

The Studio

A great escapism!

The first two weeks of August was like the clouds; some daays you could have the clearest day then you go into a turmoil all over again.

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