Saturday, August 24, 2013

Middle till the Medieval Market of July 2013

I accidently bumped into a most beautiful TRIKE as I was on my walk.

I bumped into this TRIKE!

It was an awesome piece of work, a creation!

I called for my chauffeur! "Tout ouit!"

What does that mean in French?

I went into Sheffield to meet Emma Douglas from Neurocare Charity as she is leaving soon for a new job.
We had a lovely afternoon catch-up on our ups and downs of life.
 Emma Douglas from Neurocare Charity, job changes!

I called for my chauffeur............Janiece! Where's her hat?

Emma deserved a big kiss goodbye!
On Saturday the 13th of July, I went to the Duckworth Ayr Show.
I had an early start with Janiece & David, we had a catch-up with Davids family for our day out.

I was here to say "Hello" to Darcy

Father & Daughter, Ade & Darcy, Beautiful XXX

Happiness with Aaron & Darcy XXX

Darcy is such a beautiful child, a gift!

I wandered around the park and told them that if I needed then I would call them. I said:- "I'll wait at the Yellow Plane!" and giggled! Can I remember a yellow plane?

This is GRATE! He's American and is good to talk to!

Next was DOS............ they were lovely to talk too, lots of info for the broken brain of mine.
I went further into the planes and I saw a blue tented area, the persons there were all blue coloured with skip caps chatting and playing chess. I thought, this may be good as a picture for the blob/blog!
As I stood on the right side of the barrier, I raised my hand and waved to them all with my camera.
They all put there heads together for more talk........................they looked!
I waved my hand again!............................again the heads together to talk!
I waved again......................!
I shouted:- "May I come over to take your picture!!!"
They said "Yes!"
Now the RAF
Then I had a challenge to bend over to get under the barrier.............................Phew!
It took a few minutes and a bit of wiggling about as they sat and watched me.
I told them that it was a picture for my blob/blog, then they got intrigued about what was it all about.
One of the pilots (who is American) who Fly's for the RAF told me that his father went through this last November but he can use the internet!
He straight away said to me:- "May I have your email address for my father when we speak next time!"
I wrote it out for him and passed it over, then the pilots asked me if I would like my picture with them and then:- "What about a Cuppa!"
What pleasantness they all are, I should adopt them all!?!
ThanX for the "Cuppa" lads, hopefully see you all Fly later! XXX
A great day with the Flying Machines!

As we drove home, I lay on the back seat of the car and raised my feet to the ceiling to release all the fluids in my legs and ankles. Bummer EH!


I went to join the HEADWAY staff, I done the usual for me...............I DID without THINKING!
I'm terrible for not thinking properly first, Brain Injury Eh!!!
When I realised that they were having a stall, I just jumped into what ............I wanted to DO!
I never thought about anything or even anyone..................Selfish Eh!
Very Selfish!
I thought, I could probably arrange a little area and just put my 3 paintings on it?
I just appeared at the stall with a big bag which had an easel and 3 paintings!
See; ................ there I go again!!!
I should have spoken about this beforehand, as I had to find out if I could bring along my paintings.
I just wanted to let people see and learn about a brain injury and how it improves after time, for me, via paintings. I will learn one of these days!

I was going over to meet the staff at DORA, the Mental Health Champions suddenly a gentleman in his armour appeared at my side!
He's very handsome!

He was very inspiring as he strode around the Market when he got off his Stallion!
Ooh la la Monsieur!
HEADWAY stall, showing my paintings from last summer till now!
This little lady asked her mum to buy it for her, I had to tell her that it was only to show my progression in the last year!
I gave this lady a peck on the cheek to thank her for liking it!
HEADWAY staff & stall
Mark from DORA having a look at my paintings
Mark enjoyed seeing the steps that I have taken so far in the paintings. I actually accidently jumped into being friends with them all at DORA and a 4 footed friend.

This is The Flying Buttresses.
Sally came closer to scrutinise me properly.............!
Hodman Dodmano & Sally Forth.
She popped over to me and said:-
"You've put your rucksack on wrong?"
"It should be on your back and not on your front!!!"

Sally has a conversation with Hodman about this. I had a bumbag on not a rucksack!
Then I told her that sometimes I may do things the wrong way as I have a Brain Injury, Shock Horror!
Then they started to wonder if I was OK
Ah, poor Sally she looked so worried about me!

I told them that I was A-O-KAY!
All these men today!!!
Are they trying to WIN ME!!! Ooh la la! Hey; this is funny for me, it gets the creative side of the brain to work.
They stood side by side.......which one!
All of a sudden I spun round when I heard "YOOHOO!" These men Eh!
Nice legs, what do you think!!!
They asked if they could see my paintings!
"Is this your colour work?" I was amazed too!
Then I was honoured when the Mayor arrived at the HEADWAY stall and I showed him my paintings and how my brain has progressed in 2 years so far. (I'm Gobsmacked!)

Then Hodman Dodmano & Sally Forth say their goodbyesXXX THE END OF JULY A BRILLIANT MONTH!

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