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The end of June in song

The end of June in song.

The last 4 days of end June was an exciting mixture for me.
Thursday 27th June

For quite some time I have had lodgers in my home...................un-paying guests!
I came down to the Town Hall to speak to the "Pest-y Controllers"
I was told that they can come round and seal all the places in my home.............BUT!
The BUT is that I put my hand in my pocket.....................................................OUCH!!!
I said:- "Why can't the owner deal with this?"
I was told that I shall pay for it and argue with them to get my money back..................Phew!
I shall wipe my brow at that reply!
I couldn't understand that the building owner had a problem about this!
Do I NOT understand as I have a BRAIN INJURY!!!
I had asked the part-time warden earlier; "Have you told them!" I said. then "What did they say!!!"
Crilkey..................The answer was............................"Sort It Out!"
Crikey, there I go again!
I sat outside the Town Hall after my conversation and was deeply in thought.
I seen a guy climbing up on the brickwork and he was taking (what I found out!) was a Videographer!
Pretty cool!
clockwork PRISM is the company and ran by Jim Moore the Videographer.
I'd quite like to do a video for the blob/blog! Maybe? I'll think about that.
My poor head is just full of mince just now; "Tatties 'N' Mince in ma heed!"
As I was about to leave town and go home, these young men were busy selling their CD's on the high street.
They are all musicians and they write their own music too, basically they do all, everything!
Well Done XXXXX
I can't believe I've met Musicians, they even gave me their CD's for ...........Nothing!
 I still have the Scottish side of me liking to get freebies. THANX
BLOCK........................................ WASTE OF TALENT
JASON QUAINOO..................... New Beginning
JaY MYa..................................... Chance TO FAIL

Joe Yerrell is the brother of JaY MYa and he is the Chief Executive Officer at CEO at


I  was chuffed when they all gave me free CD's ; I was Gobsmacked!

I'm totally Gobsmacked with my accidental meeting again.
When I got home I put the music on straight away and was very impressed.

Friday 20th June

Before I went to the writing class I looked at the FaceBook and I notice what was put up on my page.
Golly Gosh, it was Catherine Kent.

I was Gobsmacked again!
She mentions my blog on her blog and calls me inspirational.
I keep repeating myself (still!)
GULP! I was very thrilled with her mentioning me!!!
It must be a Scottish thing, she's from Aberdeen so we're "neighbours at each end of the world!"

I just want all brain injured people to have the right to day dream. Thats all!
Nothing Happened HERE! Maybe Daydreaming!

As I got into the writing class, individually, we all read what we have done for our homework.
My little story was another challenge for me.
I only wrote to pen-pals when I was a youngster.

My homework was:-

Liz & Sean, about to split up.
Is it; A pregnancy - wrong text - an accident?
There is:- 10 year old Jake (son) who has:-
resentment - hatred - loving - awefilled - wary - real dad?
There is a missing dog - neighbour - wheelie bin - Why?

I added:-
They argue over crisps???  (Debbie & John Elliot)

My head is having a giggle now with these words.

Here is my little homework story:-

"Our mixed up life!"

10 year old Jake ran away to his room with tears falling out of his eyes;
his snottery nose had fallen down to his lips, he made sad noises from his throat.
As he closed his bedroom door, he started to move one of the cabinets up against 
the door to lock the outside world away from him.
Jake sat on the floor and cuddled his bent legs up to his chin and squeezed himself so tightly for comfort.
He sobbed so quietly to himself.
Suddenly; Liz & Sean were speaking in some gentle tones at the other side of Jakes bedroom door; Liz said:-
"Jaaake; you can decide what flavour of crisps you would like..........Eh!"
Liz & Sean were mortified that Jake was in the same room with them as he heard their conversation about their gradual split-up!
Liz & Sean actually thought that the original mix up was just a flavour of crisps, they never knew that Jake had been in the same room when they were talking about their accident.
Their relationship;
Liz & Sean had decided to get married, eventually: after 11 years!
They have had ups and downs over the years but they are still together.
They are like "Birds Of A Feather" They are stuck, just like glue.
They decided to get all their paperwork ready for their wedding.
They were enjoying organising all the wedding party events.
They had both put in for their birth certificates.
They both knew that they had been adopted.
They both thought that this was what bonded them together........................Shit!
Brother & Sister! Shit then again!
Liz and Sean were planning on going for their blood tests as they had to have the correct data of everything in their life. Sean had grown up in Ireland and he has a strong Irish accent, Liz, where she grew up was Dunstable by Ann and Dave Marshall, she used to run up to the top of the Downs and feel that she could fly away in the air, like the gliders.
Liz sat up against Jakes bedroom door in the hallway, she cuddled her legs too, just like what was happening at the other side of the door. Liz started to bring back all her memories from when she was back in her childhood running up a hill and flying in her memories.
Sean looked deeply into liz's moist, distant sad eyes, he quiently said that he must return "Teddy" the neighbours dog as he had tied it in the back garden. They had all lived in the ground floor flat, thetir neighbour had broken his ankle and was in plaster, poor Mr Croft!
Liz accepted his hand as he gently touched her head and face and pulled the hair away from her eyes. Sean gently grazed his lips on her forehead. A smile appeared on Liz's face and she got some sensuous feelings through her entire body. Wow! she thought; Liz was still remarkably in love with him! Sean was about to walk away and Liz started to talk gently to Jake; answer!
Liz asked again:- "Jaaaake, ...............would you like to talk to us both...........or individually?"
Still no answer!
Sean pushed the door with all of his strength and stepped over the "NO ENTRY" line that Jake had made on his 10th Birthday, this was his "I'm a man statement".
Sean noticed that the window was open and there was no Jake in the room.
Sean screamed to Liz; "He's bloody ran away!" and jumped through the window still saying:-
"Stay at home and be by the bloody phone!"
Then there was nothing!

An Eerie Quietness!
Liz stood there AGOG! 
She was stuck! She was stuck on the spot

Liz picked up her battered name and address/telephone book, she found the name she required, Jimmy Higgins!
Liz contacts Jimmy every now and then.
They have been good friends for a long time, about 15yrs they have had their friendship, we played together, great friends.
We nearly fell out 11yrs ago when I was 15yrs old, I'm now 26 years old and the mother to Jake.
I call Jimmy to keep him up-to-date with the first tooth that arrived, that fell out, the whooping cough, just about everything really, he is a lot older than I am, he was 15years older than I was, we were just the Best!!!
Jimmy's 41 years old now, like an uncle to us all.
I told him that Jake has just ran away, so he said that he would look out for him, maybe he'll turn up at my home for "a wee chat, nae bother hen!"
Jimmy Higgins is from Edinburgh, an educated gentleman who has been all by himself that I can remember. I don't think that there was any girlfriends!
Jimmy said:- "Keep me posted! Speak soon!"
As Liz hung up the phone, the house front door bashed open and Sean stood there with his hands on his hips as he was trying to catch his breath, puffing hard.
"Fuckin' Ell, Where the Fuck did Teddy go!"
"Cannae fun Jake an noo the dug is gone, Jesus Christ! What the Fuck!"
"Did Jeannie collect the dug?"
Liz stood there raising her shoulders and didn't know what to say.
The two of them sat down with their eyes on the telly, watching the movement on the screen but no language, staring into nothingness. Time dissappeared!

Jimmy Higgins opened his front door as he heard a dog barking but he couldn't see it anywhere from his front lounge window. What Jimmy saw was little Jake curled up in a ball on his right side and Teddy sitting by his side, like the captain on a ship.
Jimmy took a big step over Jake, he bent over and carefully carried him in his living room  and gently placed him on the sofa. Jimmy made a coffee and sat down on his black leather recliner chair. He looked at Jake and brought back all his memories from birth until now.
Jake started to waken up and gave his "Uncle Jimmy" a big smile, there was so much love between the two of them. They started to talk about; about this accident of theirs, his mum and dad's, Liz & Sean's accident. Jake asked Jimmy :-
"are they both mine? are they my mum & dad, Liz & Sean! I'm so confused, help me please!"
"I'm overwhelmed with all that I heard today, I am very wary of all that has been said today, I have such a mixture of all of my emotions today, I resent what they have done, why, why, why, did they have me, bring me into this world, I have hatred for so many things that confuse me, is Sean really my mums brother!"
Jake told Jimmy that he had so much love for him, he told Jimmy "I have always loved you so much and I do know that you are my adopted Uncle Jimmy"
Jake kissed him on the cheek and told him that he'd better get back home with wee Teddy and give him back to Mr Croft.

When Jake got back home, his parents were sitting in the lounge biting their nails, they had just had a call from Jimmy Higgins, he had explained what had happened with Jake, "but, all is OK now!"
Sean held Jakes hand and they both walked to Mr Croft's door and called through the letterbox;
"Jake and I are back with Teddy, can you make it hobbling over to the door and let us in?"
Mr Croft said; "Pull the string through the letterbox and open the door, OK!"
Sean and Jake carried out what had to be done and seen Mr Croft and returned Teddy the dog.
Mr Croft asked Sean to put the small padlocked suitcase in the wheelie bin on his way out.
He said; "OK, but what is that smell in here!"
Mr Croft giggled and said; "Sorry............just pumped? I've farted! That's my payback for not moving about as I did before my broken ankle" He continued with the laughter as Sean and Jake departed and headed 5 steps across the hallway.
When they got home, Liz put the phone back down on the receiver and told them that it was time for a nice dinner and chat with Uncle Jimmy Higgins.
Liz said, "What about Friday, Saturday or Sunday night!"
Jake had the biggest smile and said; "Can we all go tomorrow night; Friday?"
They said "OK!" and Liz called Jimmy back and confirmed Friday evening.
They all sat around the kitchen table and decided what food type they should go for tomorrow; Jake laughed a hearty laugh and said "I hope the food doesn't smell as bad as it smelled when we visited Mr Croft and returned Teddy the dog. I wonder what was in the little suitcase with padlocks. Hey! It looked brand new too! I wonder!"
The next morning they all got up in a great mood. At 09:30am the buzzer tinkled, Liz put on her dressing gown and answered the door with the biggest smile on her face, she laughed happily until she opened the door! Crap!
"What's this about!" as she said this to the police men at the front door, she looked through the two at the door, there was two at the flat entrance and she looked further through the entrance glass doors and seen even more officers outside the building also meat-waggons.
"Gosh!" Liz said as she stood at the door.
The officer said; "Do you know who put the suitcase in the bin?"
"Yes!" Liz said, in her amazement; "My boyfriend!"
"Hmmmm!" The officer said; "May we have a chat with him!"
"Yes!" Liz said. Sean came to the door and spoke to the police officers and spoke quietly so no one knew what was being said. Sean turned around and told Liz that he was going down to the Police Station and he'd phone her later to find out where they'd be with Jimmy Higgins.

As soon as Sean disappeared with the officers, Liz rang up Jimmy straight away.
Jimmy jumped into his car and drove around to be with Liz, he needed to be there mostly for her.
Jimmy cuddled her so tight, she found it difficult to breathe naturally but he made her feel precious, he held her tight but gentle, strong but gentle, awesome.
Jimmy whispered into Liz's ear gently:-
"I named you Elizabeth,..........................I'm your father!"

Liz stood there; all her feelings and emotions stopped there?

To Be Continued.........................................................................

This has been F.U.N.

Down at the gym for more exercises.
"Our mixed up life!"

It was twisted

I had a lovely month of June.
I have great guys in the Queens Park Sports Center
From the musical world to the creative words on an adventure.
From fitness to the street theatre that's alive
A great get together
ThanX all for a wonderful June XXX

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