Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Warm May

On the first day of May, I called my mum.
We had a lovely conversation then I told her a story, as we were finishing our chat she said;
"Can I have your signature!" Then we laughed heartily and I went to do my volunteering.
 From a giggle to the actual signature!

When I finished my volunteer position, Katie arrived for any gossip that I had today, we laughed about the conversation with my mum, again we giggled. I asked again for my minutes?
"From What?"
Things that I need to know is so special to me.......................I need it!
For anyone else it probably means nothing to them.
Do people want or care how to know how very much important things are to me?
Does that sentance make proper sense?
I called mum again later that night when I found out that she had 2 Facebook Pages?
The next day I went to the gym for my Health Referral with Rob Andrew the gym manager.
I had a very good session that day, then when I got home the internet appeared again to me.
As I put the FB back on for me to catch up with the world, the subject was back to the police!!!
Why does happen to me?
I lay down and slept for a few hours, my brain wouldn't allow me to stay awake, I had to sleep again.
The next day, I went through to Killamarsh to watch  the boys working away on the fencing whilst the girls went shopping. I offered to make some Tea for John and he taught me a new word..............."Mash!"
I thought that I was in another country in hospital in Vietnam?
I made a nice cup of tea!

A great day by all!


This one stayed for lunch!

Master Chef Nick Buckingham 

I'm wondering, should I take proper cooking courses?

Pauline Quinn XXX 

I had a lovely walk with the Ramblers.
The duck is just standing there with its day dream.
Ladies who walk and talk
We all had the most beautiful walk around the Valley Park in Chesterfield.

Is that a Mallard with the white head? My education is every day now.

On Monday 6th May at 08:30am I started the blob/blog to bring it up to date. I suddenly recieved a text at 10:14am. I was shocked when I read this so I wrote it down what was sent to me.
I had to write it down to allow me to understand what was being said to me. The brain can be rather tricky at times.
Apparently........ I'm afraid to phone and I should be ashamed!
Is this how people behave when we have a brain injury.
When I had a Subarachnoid Brain Hermarrhage, should I have Fear, should I be Ashamed??
 I don't think so!
Is this an after effect that we go through or is it other peoples thoughts of what we do........or what they "want" us to do!!!
So. So True!

Whilst I had a coffee in Cafe Nero, this was beauty for my eyes. THANX

This is STAR that I was introduced to by June & James
It's like stars!
I had the privilege to hold this beautiful child.
This was my STAR that day, thankyou both XXX
More imagination for painting?
I love clouds & the sun.

Facination with the clouds!

I was told; no standing at the bus stop for a bus to stop and let me on the bus!!! Stand at the shelter!!! Very Strange???

I needed to get away from all this craziness....................... a bus won't stop at a bus stop???
Well I Neva!!!

I went down to the gym to watch all the fitters getting fitter & healthier.
Debbie, John, Lianne, Ian, Janiece & David

The dogs were great company for me.

We all went to the TGIF for a lovely meal.

Ooh! Me! Bigger! is it a food love affair? Hi Lauren !

The staff sang and clapped with the song for us. Supreme!

It was a great night at TGI Friday for dinner.

Cloud ripples.
I started going to the gym and walking with the Ramblers!
I feel the need to lose all these pounds that arrived on my body.
Friday 10th May 2013
I went to the sports centre for my gym session then went to the library to catch up with my friend Paul for a coffee.
I went to the surgery and my Dr walked out to see me with a big smile on his face with some cash in his hand for Neurocare Charity.

This month of May, has had its many downs rather than up's.
It's like the weather!
The summer is like my up's, my accidental meetings..................THEN!
The winter is the heaviest blow to my system; I have to fight and push myself to get up and out of the bed every day. I have to push and fight to walk each day, it may look easy for you all to see, but sometimes my heart  just breaks! Then I walk with the aches in my legs and soles of the feet. I try to smile every day, even then it's hard when I'm in the winter part of my day.
I even try to read, but then I sleep to stay away from the words, is it me that I am reading about?

I shall look at the clouds to dream and fly away on the cusp of the cloud in the sky.
I wonder what June shall have for me..............Here Goes!

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