Friday, August 23, 2013

The first few weeks of July 2013

Janiece & Davids friends turned up to put a smile on my face again, they are all amazing!

We all had our private disco to throw away all the turmoils in my life with a dance.
I was going through a state of great  disturbance, confusion and I was uncertain about where to lay my head. I was backwords and forwards, did I know where I was really!
"All night long,.... all night lo-ong."
"All night lo-ong!"

Our private night.

Definately "All Night..........are we the only one's here!"
What a superb night we had.
"All night lo-ong!"

It's great to be a volunteer and help the British Red Cross
I must be an accidental person just now.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at a BBQ, I was honoured to have been invited with their company.

Some people don't let the grass grow over their feet!
Another great day!
I watched the Cricket, they wait for the throw over ball.I needed an ice cream!

No cloud could dampen my day!
Bumped into Simon  at the Market.
A lovely ice cream at the Cricket.
These lovely fencers had a great afternoon with some "to 'n' fro"! tummy!

Touchet he says!

They were very intriguing to watch, it was a great sight to see!

Ah there's Ev van Gemeren; 2 to my left, we spoke about the Paralympics fencing; should I take this up!!! Hmmmmm!
My special volunteer time about The Heart!
Sitting at the door as my legs get too heavy to stand.

A great team for the Heart. Michelle, Zoe & Sharon.
I get a buzz trying to help the Heart.
Who's Heart..........Matt's

James opened his wallet........voila!
After sitting at the front door for the British Heart Foundation it was a great thing for me to do.
The heart makes me think of Matt Jennings, my best friend from Osborn4 in Sheffield, he received donations and was with me for Neurocare Charity walking 5km around Rother Valley Park in his chair.
I want to try my best for the heart too! In July I wandered around with some flyers and a penny bucket to see if we can get some pennies for the heart. I put one foot forward and here I GO!
We were about to leave for our adventure.
Ian says, "hey Pauline's here with flyers!"
Thanks Paul for popping out to see us all.
As I carried on walking around Chesterfield Market as a volunteerer for The British Heart Foundation, I heard a voice call; "Hi Pauline!"
I turned round and seen an arm waving to me, I moved up to his was Jason Quainoo! I Hi'd back to him and gave him some flyers and told Jason & BLOCK about the HEART!
We had our little chat, it was only weeks since we last saw each other in the Market.
Another accidental meeting!
Time to fly and go, catch up soon!
I moved onto........!

"Who's there!!!" I shouted up to the guys up on another level.
"I'll send you all a gift to read please!" They shouted back OK!
Well, very cool guys up there!

They all stood there and read instead of going for a cuppa tea!
Can I see a thumbs up there!!!
Cor Blimey!!!

I love it when they read about The British Heart Foundation. WoW!

The guys listen to my call of "THANX!"
I called up "THANX GUY'S"

ThanX for helping the Hearts!
When I had done my volunteering for the Heart, I went for a cake and coffee at Cafe Nero and chatted to Joe & Kaitlen and again when I was leaving I had another accidental meeting with BLOCK; the 2nd time on the same day! WoWseR!
BLOCK was rappin' to the customers and stallholders in the Market,

Joe & Kaitlen love a chat.
Bumped into BLOCK doing his rappin'
I love a coffee & cake.
I talk ......... a lot! 

I loved listening to the rap!

I had a break for lunch at No 10
A great day in the sunshine.

The Bobbies in Blue, ThanX!

 I'm a customer to Kash, the phone man on the Market, he has lovely words.

I finished another Heart Day!

A neighbour loves The Beatles

Loving the Gold Disc!

Chloe said; "Are you Jesus in a dress!" We all giggled, THANX
The Beatles!

Karl & Chloe love is in the air.

The first two weeks of July seem to be improving for me, I can only hope it will get better!
I wonder what shall appear on the horizon for me now!
7 days till my 2nd anniversary for the big fight for my life
Here goes !

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