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The 20th of June 2013

The 20th of June 2013

Today I went to hear and see Mr Stephen Booth, the International, bestselling author.

I said........"See that guy!"...................
I then asked if he could write..............!

"Hold on a minute..........Is that my lipstick! Sorry!"

I'm so Sorry Mrs Booth for my drama queen exhibition that I play with.
Smile XXX
Before my BIG headache, I did read the stories, challenging stories that could take you anywhere and everywhere.
Mr Stephen Booth, Author & Me!
This lovely author requested my wish. ThanX XXX
Dear Mr Stephen Booth,

                                       I was so excited when I booked to attend your 
new book advertising event. I didn't really know what was happening?
When I turned up for ALREADY DEAD novel, I sat in the front row, in the 
corner so that my eyes wouldn't dart around the room.
When you started to read orally from the first pages; I thought:-
"Is That ME!"
"Was I in hospital? I had been flailling too for something to cling onto!" as you wrote!
"Was I ill? Taken A Heart Attack? A Stroke? My memory had gone completely blank too!"
I had been where your story went; I couldn't get out of where there was only darkness.

I was locked inside this body of mine. I shudder!
Your novel shall be a big step for me to read, my challenge! My Mountain!
Your story shall be My Ben Nevis to climb to the last line of the novel.
When I read before I used to cling onto the edge of the seat as it was coming to the end.
I still couldn't work out that "Who Dun'nit!"
I didn't know until the last sentance, then "AHhhhhhh!"
You shall be my challenge, I thank You!
It has been a gift and an experience to personally meet you in my life!
I hope all is well with you and your wife, say "Hi" from me XXX
There goes the 3 X's again!

All my love.
Pauline Quinn

There I go again; 3 X's


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