Sunday, August 4, 2013

Abseiling in the Derbyshire Countryside

Abseiling in the Derbyshire Countryside.
Beautiful scenery

My first sight of my walk

It was an old railway station.

My adventure walking friend Jez

The scenery of green and rock

Right, left, up, down, where to go now!

Where to go?

Are we walking the right way for the Abseiling

What's this?

What's that?

Any idea?

Whats this?


Oooohhhhhh! Scarey?
Should I make a cuppa!

I'll go and collect some wood for the fire to make a cuppa!

This shadow follows me?

Is this a house? Shall I buy it?

We're up high !

Be brave!

Don't cry?

Ahhhhh! She's happy & confident now!!!

Go girl!

Splashhhhhhhh !!!


My legs are killing me going up, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6........How may more to go!!!

Next one please!

Did you bang your head?

Can you see him?

Where is he???

I better go and find him!!!

I'm proffessional, I must go and save................?

Abseilers galore! James Mitchell, Kathleen, Maree, Berni, Peter. Thank you all for a good day. Welcome to my story!

Is that a copper or a Panda?

These Pandas are following me"!

I think one was crying?

They are cycling for charity

We got a nice ice cream, yummy!

The Pandas shouted........"Hi Pauline!" and waved to me.

Maybe I'll nap under the tree, Ahhhhh!

Which tree, there's too many choices?

What a beautiful day that I had............ it hit all the buttons in my broken brain.
Wonderful by Pauline Quinn

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