Thursday, August 8, 2013

Up to the 26th of June 2013

Up to the 26th of June 2013

After my exceptional experience that I had with the great Mr Stephen Booth, I thought; who shall I accidently bump into next Eh!
I walked along the road for my exercises and I was curious at what I saw right in front of me!
It was Darren on his Quad Bike and he told me that the Quad is a "she" and is called Tanusha, we had a lovely conversation with all our stories about "This 'N' That"!
I wonder if I should get a Quad Bike?
No!................... I'd worry too much about my head constantly, I'd be better off walking and bumping into others on my accidental moments with meeting special people!

This is Talusha

This is Darren who loves his bikes.
I was invited by a friend to the Mental Health Carers meeting at The Chesterfield Hotel on Wednesday the 26th of June. At the last moment my friend Andrea coudn't turn up so she left me a message instead.
I just sat there and listened to what was being said,.
I didn't know what was happening at this event but my ears were pinned open for the talk.
I did't recognise who was who?
The first gent who got up to speak was very impressive! I was listening hard to what he was saying to all the attendees, so I put my hand up in the air for their attention towards me. He nodded at me and asked me what would I like to mention.
I said:-
"Ahmm; When you get all the words back from the government that you have placed there and they give you a "Yes" for these words; does that mean that; NHS, Carers, people who look after you in a Rehabilitation House and your family; they All have to read from the same page?"
He looked at me and nodded his head and said "YES!"
I went AGOG! when the next orator came up to make his speach; (which was a very good public speach) it was......Mr Toby Perkins MP...WoWser!!!

Mr Toby Perkins MP

This was a Celebration for Carers
We all talked and I still talked, and talked, and talked............
I still can't stop this blethering!
I've started to read a few pages from one of my books that I have and I keep myself awake and more knowledgable about what I'm reading about. (I wonder how long this will last for!)
Will some of these after effects stick with me, and not dissappear? or shall I get back to a "kindova" normal me!
What a treat, I still have a food affair!

It was a spectacular feast of foods which were awesome.

Today has been the greatest accidental meeting with Mr Toby Perkins MP.
How much higher could I have jumped today, meet a great man and have some awesome food...WOW!!!


I wonder who I shall bump into next..............?

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