Monday, August 19, 2013

1st week of July 2013

This is the most horrifido week of July 2013, I'm actually depressed with how my life is just now and I'm not very happiest person about all these invading Antz.
They creep, crawl and bite me.
After having a Brain Injury it's been the hardest thing to live through.
My actions that happened afterwards was not very lady-like of me?!?
I shall just show you what I have to live through daily and then it is a Full Stop OK !
This was Colonel Zippy!

This was the soldier foot men with all the Majors in control.

All the soldiers found every corner to march from.

Ah! Bless, all the Flying Corps looking for a nap in my room!

I decided to capture the lazy soldiers and the Flying Corps!

I can't turn the pictures around but they are of the top and bottom of my front door.
Soldiers and the Flying Squad

This Flying Corps  came to join me in the evening. BLAST!

Lets hope that life will get better and try to errade them from my life?

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