Sunday, July 20, 2014

It was 3 years ago when......

Today is a very special day.
It was three years ago today when my body started to collapse around me.

Before I continue with Pauline's Brain Injury; paulinesblob2,
I shall tell you some of the story of what happened to me with the SAH Subarachnoid Haemorrhage.
It had started the day before I went into Hospital; the day before my body was shutting down on me.
I was brought forward again after the radio chat when I mentioned the cause which was stress.

I was distorted and was staggering into things in the house.
I was violently sick which my son cleaned up for me.
I had the biggest headache in my life.
I coudn't let any light into my eyes later that day.
I pulled the duvet over my head.
I held my head tightly.
I pressed hard against my eyes to take the pressure off of my eyes.
I needed to relieve the pain which no-one knew about.

After that; life was a blurr.......!
I may have been in and out of consciousness; that's a blurr too ?

People think and say that "Stress is nothing really; Just get on with it !"

This stress that I was under was not just from one avenue; it then brought on a bleeding in the brain.
It was a mixture, a combination from a few different avenues, all at the same time in my life.
It probably didn't help me that I was trying to give up smoking at the same time.

I suppose that no matter who was there during this time, they didn't realise the severity of what stress could do to a person and the seriousness of the stress that is passed onto others in this life.
I can now forgive but not forget as there is too many people who get put under this on a daily basis.

I've gone through Depression, Anxiety and locked myself away from the world for a little while.
You need to re-adjust the brain to the new way of thinking like you did before.
You don't need to live and behave as others tell you......
Live for yourself and for no-one else.
I could go on and on here as I have gone through too many side effects.
I still have to put up with other faults daily.
Possibly people don't know how to acknowledge and understand where you have been.
I wonder if people know how to communicate and talk to you again or is there a fear hanging over their shoulders.
Can anyone talk to you as they look into your eyes.
Or,..... do they divert their sight to something else, as they look beyond your head; up, over, sideways but not into your eyes.

I go through Good Days and Bad Days; it just depends on how the brain feels that day.

Easy Peasy....I doubt it..............

DAY 1 
21/07/2011 19:11 





  Not a happy chappy !

What a long journey so far..........
Tomorrow I'll be 3 years into my new life, it's time to close one door and open the next door.
I wonder what shall appear this time.


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