Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Sight of Visual Art on a Platform

Catching up with the Blog March 2014

Site Gallery Platform: Florian Roithmayr

It was a pleasure to watch this visual art on a platform.
I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

Things started to fall into place within the mind.
I wanted to show my brain all of the wonders in life as I walk by.
I've gone through all sorts of ups and downs and now it's time to move forward.
When you've been stuck; it's difficult to get out of where you are as you want to run free and get back to normailty as you were before but unfortunately it's harder than you think.
Que cerat!
"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)", first published in 1956.

I visited the Site Gallery in Sheffield; it's an inspiring art gallery.
I went along with Bella, an Art student.
It was very different when you opened up your eyes and seen what was happening in front of you.

Everything needed for Art

It was amazing to see what was being created right in front of your eyes.
Art on a Platform
Bella and Art

Getting into action for Art.

Communication for Art

I may have said "Any tips on Art!" then "Is he OK up there! Have you gone camera shy?"
This great Art for the day was a magnificent vision for the eyes.
Did this concrete look like steel plates ?
What was created looked like it was steel moulded together on the wall.
Very creative and artistic Art.
Art can come from many different avenues.
We all have our own thoughts and ideas in our brain, we all look at art differently.
We can look at the same picture, but we all look at it in a different way from others.
 I felt that the vision that I seen was like the trauma in my life; steel plates all moulded together around my body and mind, it held me back and stopped me from thinking and doing things that would normally have been there before.

Finished Wall

Time to clear up after the Visual Art in Progress

It was very interesting to watch what was created.

Then we saw the Art in Progress all around us.

Then it was time for a cuppa & cake.

Art could be paintings, sculptures, pottery, sewing, designing, gardening or silversmithing, such a variety of art that you can choose from.

It was very interesting to watch Florian Roithmayr talking on YouTube about Art.

I now open my eyes to all different kinds of Art; there is so much around us if we just open our eyes.

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