Sunday, July 13, 2014


By the 20th of March 2014;
I was getting myself ready to advertise the event for Neurocare Charity at Chesterfield College.
Everything went upside down with the blog, the tone levels of the sounds that I heard were so acute, everything echoed in the head as if all the noises were coming through a foghorn
If a pin was dropped a mile away I may have heard it!
I got to a stage that I would just walk, rest, sleep and forget all else.
"Good Idea!" I thought; so that is what I did.

Neurocare & Chesterfield College

This event just appeared out of the blue........ "How did this happen!......"
I was thrilled at what Chesterfield College was preparing for Neurocare Charity.

On the 23rd of March 2014 I looked at the kerffuffle that I lived in, so I hoovered with my fingers and dusted with some wipes then I came across a bag family pictures !

"How did this happen???"
"Where's my family; and how did I lose them?"
The brain must have been turned upside down and inside out as I found it difficult to understand what was happening inside this brain of mine.........
The brain must have been on a siesta, a very, very long siesta.
A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon.
Possibly I may have slept for too long and now it's time to gather all that happened when this brain of mine was sleeping.

Over the next 3 days there was so many crying sessions mixed with laughter as we were all getting back together; my family had all waited patiently through the long lengths of time until I seen the light at the end of the tunnel and came back all by myself.

How pernickity a brain can become as it's trying to repair.
The brain looks for the answers to all it's questions that it has; your actually re-living everything all over again, your going through all the years from your first memory until now as you become more alert to all that has happened around you.

Determination pushes you forward to bring the brain back into the reality of your life.

The smallest step is the biggest step forward for me; I wonder what's next !

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