Friday, March 3, 2017

ROSA Robot - 1st for UK NHS @ Royal Hallamshire Hospital

What an emotional start to the day as I cried when I walked into the room for the Rosa Robot Appeal Launch then I explained to neurosurgeon Mr Dev Bhattacharyya that the whole event took my breath away as the funds of £50,000 had started coming into Neurocare - Rosa Robot.
What a great start to the day.

It was lovely to catch-up with
Neurocare & Mitchell family.

Time for more Selfies..........

A wee cuppa tea always tastes good from a china cup.

Someone said "Don't forget your pinky finger!" so it arrived as I supped the tea.

Then it was time for the boardroom talks...

 And the appeal has got off to a great start with £50,000 from Chairman Graham Moore, Sheffield based health insurer Westfield Health.

Got to get into a wee selfie every now and then!

Then it was time for a tour of Westfield Health's new buiding by Chairman Graham Moore.
I've never felt such ease walking around the area and the atmosphere was so peaceful.
I feel that it may be the glass or open areas with the homely kitchen, colours, surroundings and the greenery planted seated area on the roof top of the building. I can imagine them sitting on the roof top eating their packed lunches; how perfect that is to be part of your weekly work *weather permitted* So much detail has gone into the building instead of having 4 walls painted in cream with a door.

I then noticed the banners and balloons and came into song; singing "Happy Birthday"

I then met another Scotsman Steven (to the right picture) who lives in the area and he created the design and make of ROSA the badge and the brain squidgyball.

 I then saw the certificates and trophies that have been given to Mr Graham Moore for all the work he has done over many years in this area. What a guy!

What a wonderful end to a marvelous launch - "Sealed With a Kiss"


                                          To Be Continued............................

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