Friday, March 31, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 22/03/17 Clematis Gift

I arrived at the garden with a gift of a Clematis plant which I thought would look lovely planted against the trellis at the composting toilet.
When it's raining; I'm sure you can get 'wet rain' & 'dry rain' and on that day it was 'Wet Rain'

Look at the rain on the window; I think I did a good thing and mainly watched from the caravan.
                                                                                     I may be happier as I'm not out in the 'Wet Rain'

When I decided to stay in the caravan; my option was to make sure that all the volunteers had a hot cuppa tea/coffee to keep the chills away which I did with pleasure. I'm now 'The Tea Lady'

The 'Willow Bench' (which is wonderful) was created by Chris the sitter, and he certainly deserved to sit down with his hot cuppa tea on a wet rainy day!
Once this wildlife pond is completed I think this may be a hot-spot area to sit down.

My assistant photographer went out of her way to plant the Clematis for me as I never had the right footings on for the task to do. Thanks Lindsey!

It was lovely to see that people were still coming to the garden on a Wednesday afternoon hoping that they could still get some new seeded potato's, garlic, beans etc. and it was lovely to see the cheer on their face when everything on the shopping list was completed.

Thought went into the position of the Clematis as the plant went to the little area behind the trellis as there would be less chance to disturb it if it were on the pathway.    

Even although it's raining they are absolute troopers for working hard on a wet day in the garden.

                                                   To Be Continued..............................................

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