Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Sunday 02/04/17 It's Bloomin' Luverly!

The fencing continued to be put up and the greenhouse was having glass added to the frame.

There was housekeeping of the shed and more soil to turn with the rotavator.

Lunch break was in glorious sunshine.....

More visitor's arrive for a guide of the garden......

Steve was doing a guide around the garden and showed the visitors all the things that are new.

I think they're all going Potty!

Time to pick the Purple Broccoli.

Purple Broccoli will be part of my dinner.

I then seen an Emperor Butterfly and after some research it looks like the Lesser Purple Emperor.

I saw the butterfly & actually spoke to it continuously so that I could move closer for the picture.
Oops! It worked........ I luckily got so close to see the beauty of the butterfly wings.

The Lesser Purple Emperors are known to be very docile and that could be the reason why I managed to get so close to take it's picture!

6 extra pictures from lunch and the growing seedlings taken by the assistant photographer.

To Be Continued....................

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