Sunday, April 16, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Celebration session 12/04/2017

There are days when Life is celebrated and on this special day we celebrated with good cheer, a hot cuppa and a fresh cream cake plus I was given a new title of the "Catering Manager"
P.S. I din't bake the cake!!

New signs were put up on the different sheds to give information out to all who work on the land and visitors who may attend the garden.

 These new shoots were given a bit of TLC from the photography assistant from her home before they arrived at the garden for potting.........I'm flabbergasted with the thought from others!

There is a new base outline for the next donated greenhouse and long grass was mowed down.

I was offered the task of covering the matting area of the new hedging with bark; this matting area had already been placed down to stop any unwanted weed to grow.

I never knew that this bending movement would absolutely do me in later that day and "Ouch!" was a frequently said word.

It's hard work getting these muscles back into working order again and I'm sure I will get there!
(one of these days!)

Finishing the bark under the hedging

Great reflections on the glass of the Potting Shed.

                                                             To Be Continued..............................

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