Saturday, April 29, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 1st Anniversary with Mr Paul Niblock

It's been a year since this garden was created so we were celebrating the 1st Anniversary with tea and cake at the end of the volunteering day.
The wild grass got cut on the top level; in my mind I think of a little fruit tree meadow when the trees grow strong with structure, I'm sure it will become more striking to look at in a few years time.

More work was getting done on the middle plot

I started putting bark down on the allocated areas for new pathways.
I'm building up muscles every day!

The earth being turned over is very fine which looks like dark sand.

There will be a Workshop starting soon on Solar Panels, it will be a joint project with Inspire Community Garden and Chesterfield Transition.
On the 1st Anniversary they were trying out the solar panel to heat up the water in the little black water tank and the other solar panel was letting off warm air through a pipe.
There's been great thought put into these structures.

There was more brick put down for the base of the next greenhouse.

More visitors arrived to the garden with handmade cake for the 1st Anniversary; what a treat!


There was a little fluttering butterfly/moth type of flying animal in the poly tunnel so it was carefully gathered and set outside to rest on a daffodil before it flew home.

Handmade cake/scones & clotted cream & jam followed with a wander around the garden.

Inspire Community Garden had a visit from Mr Paul Niblock who does "Walking for Health"
I heard what was said about this group and I shall enjoy being part of "Walking for Life" as it will help to keep myself mobile with walking.
I learn something new every day!

We seem to be so lucky with the weather just about every time we're on the garden!

                                                        To Be Continued..............................

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