Sunday, April 9, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Potato planting 09/04/17

Today I've put the last picture of the day first; then carry on with how the day went in pictures.
I had mentioned to Steve in the morning that I would finish painting the rest on the composting toilet and after lunch I would be sitting down at the table and attempt to sketch all at work on the land????
My project in college is titled "Tactile" and I thought that what they do in the garden could be classed as tactile; (of or connected with the sense of touch) and they're all touching with what they're doing.
This is so challenging and a first outdoor sketch for me.....Yikes!!!

There was lots of jobs to be done today but the most important task was to plant the first set of potatoes into the land. The hedging was getting surrounded with some kind of matting to stop anything growing up through the hedge especially the bind weed while there was work underway in the potting shed.

 I was curious to find out what the large tree trunk was for today?

Areas were getting posted for all to know where the potatoes would get planted.

It was lovely to see more visitors come to the garden.

Now this structure looks very interesting!

Always time for a wee blether.

Another end to a beautiful sunny day..............To Be Continued.............

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