Friday, September 29, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - A Dreek Rainy Day 13/09/2017

We've been so lucky over the last 18 months with the weather to be had on an Inspire Community Garden volunteer working day! To date - I'm pretty sure that we've only ever had one Sunday when we all got so drenched that half way through the day it was called off as we then had no shelter from the weather elements!
When we do have bad weather now; we can always find things to do in the caravan, greenhouse, potting shed or the poly tunnel, these areas are a godsend at times of adverse weather conditions.

It was a dreek day and there was high winds to boot!

dreek definition | What does dreek mean?

dreek definition. it means bad weather. the kind of weather which makes you miserable: dull, grey and wet. if it rains hard and water runs down your neck it's dreek.
Being Scottish and being used to the very heavy wet rainy days the word 'DREEK' is a description of the weather but it never made me feel miserable; I always knew that a dreek day can and has been refreshing  for the land as it brightens the colour that a garden beholds.
There are days when I like {by choice} to saunter in the rain.

The rain arrived in the garden....

The strong winds affected most of the taller plants and runner beans.

 The runner beans have been affected (middle of picture) How powerful the wind can be!

The weather then changed; the rain stopped.

I'd gone for a walk around the garden to record all the damage that was done to the plants/vegetables from high winds.
The garden volunteers would then know what tasks would be taken in their next step to rectify the damage caused.

I stopped at the wildlife pond and noticed that there was an insect on the pond; I thought it was the Common Backswimmer so I recorded it's movements. I then saw that the movements were more circular which I'd never seen a Backswimmer do before. I then noticed that it was a fly that had been in the path of a raindrop and was struggling to get released from the ponds still water. I continued to record it and if needed; someone was at hand to help it out of the water.


Inspire Community Garden - Circular Swimming Fly

I then saw the large red eyes of the fly when it got itself out of the water.
I looked up the internet for any fly with large red eyes and not being a specialist about any little insect I think or it does look like the 'Flesh Fly'


Inspire Community Garden - Fly dries itself down!

There was a collection of courgettes in size to be displayed also the Centipede came out for a stroll across the gardening gloves!

A visitor arrived for some forage seeds and a tour around the garden.

 A great hiccup from taking pictures on a mobile........answer = Whiteness!

                                                          To Be Continued.......................

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