Friday, September 1, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Squash Bug OR The Spined Soldier Bug?

I normally don't notice all the little insects that are often around us but when I'm in the garden I've learned to become more aware of all the little critters out working away on the land.
I noticed a small insect sitting on the leaf of a sunflower, it does look quite triangular, green & brown in coloring with 6 legs and 2 large feelers at the front.
It looks similar to the Spined Soldier Bug or maybe it's a Squash Bug?

I don't know what toadstools these are but I would certainly avoid them altogether. I wouldn't pick or touch any fungus outdoors as it can be very poisonous.

I'm happily surprised to see the trees that were planted this year are now producing fruit.

There was a plant found with delicate pinky/lilac petals.

We happily received 2 car boots filled up with garden items to be re-used again at the Inspire garden.

It was wonderful to see the old vintage metal watering cans.

Visitors arrived for a guided walk around the garden.

Another donation of this sturdy vintage metal gardening folding chair.

                                            To Be Continued................................................

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