Thursday, September 28, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Wednesday 06/09/2017

There was some foot treading on top of the composting bin and the sweetcorn was still growing.

This sunflower became very heavy with all the blooms on the one stalk
Work continued in the polytunnel

A vegetable plot was cleared and prepared for the planting of forage to nurture the land over the winter months before the planting of next years vegetables.

There was manure collected to scatter over the newly cleared plot.

More work continued at the composting bins.

There was more courgettes collected from the garden.

Work continued tidying up outside the composting toilet and preparation in making an entrance ramp.

A photographic record of where the second well lies in line with the trunk of the tree.
The well is covered over with soil and manure in preparation of the forage to be planted.

Visitors arrive and take a tour around the garden.

The visitors were shown the Bumble Bee  and Insect Hotels.

                                                             To Be Continued......................

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