Saturday, October 14, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Mansfield Building Society 25/09/2017

                                                  Mansfield Building Society 
Mansfield Building Society; throughout the year, work with some local community charity projects where staff can go and assist their chosen charity on a volunteering working day.
It was wonderful news that Inspire Community Garden were now their chosen charity project.

The fire had already been lit to burn down the overgrown brambles, thorn and nettles. There had been a large area cleared in the first hour and a half so I put the kettle on for a tea break. Potatoes had been cooked the day before so after the tea break all of the group had a potato wrapped up in foil to place at the side of the bonfire to heat up the baked potatoes for lunch.

 I let the Mansfield group know that it was time for lunch with the warmed up baked potatoes.

They finished what they were doing and came up for lunch when they noticed the resident mouse.

The Mansfield Building Society group noticed that we now have 2 little resident mice which was good news and now we will walk more carefully at the area the mice were found.


Lovely to see the apple tree that's been hidden in the overgrown brambles for many a year!

The end of the working day in the garden.

                                                                To Be Continued................................................

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