Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - New Constructions 01/10/2017

Construction of a new 4xBin composting unit.

There was the arrival of a donated shed, then discussions of where to rebuild the shed.

Unusual looking mushrooms?

Work continues on the logging.....

There was also a raised incline made into the composting toilet area.

More work happened at the Willow Chair area.

There was a drawing workshop in the caravan where we drew from a square and a flower.

I'm not that great at drawing but it was a very enjoyable workshop.

One of the volunteers has brought in some pond water with bugs and pond plants from his own pond to share with Inspire Community Garden Pond.
Let's hope this will encourage more animals to live in and around the Inspire Pond!

There is bugs living on the back of the pond leaves.

                                                     To Be Continued...............

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