Thursday, October 26, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Mansfield Building Society 02/10/2017

There was another group that came from Mansfield Building Society to assist the volunteers at Inspire Community Garden and help remove more brambles from the bottom area of the garden.

They were getting some information on what each garden tool will do to help with the day's task.

The last arrival came with a gift box of mugs which will be of great help when making the hot drinks for the tea/coffee breaks at Inspire Community Garden.

 Time for a tea break!

The cooked potatoes were placed at the edge of the fire to heat them up for the lunch break.

Inspire Community Garden used their own grown potato's to make some baked potato & cheese to go alongside their packed lunches and what a tasty treat had by all.

Mansfield Building Society's lunch break was over and then it was back to work again!
After clearing up from lunch I walked down to the bottom area of the garden and was surprisingly taken aback to be able to see straight through to the fire that's been burning all day!
                                                         'A sight for sore eyes!'

I see it's been another muddy day!

Mansfield Building Society group has yet again; done great wonders on the land.

                                                                      To Be Continued.............

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