Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday 26th November until Sunday 2nd December 2012


I woke up in a good mood this morning.
I woke up at 7am.
Today is Clowne Farm today, my favourite day, a Monday.
I was watching the BBC news this morning and I saw that Bryan Ferry was going to be interviewed on the sofa at 09:05am. My HERO!
I made sure that I was ready for his chat and I had to be ready for the Farm.
My door was knocked, it was 8ish in the morning. I had my medication and then I was told that the farm was cancelled this morning? SHIT!
This always happens to me!
I have given myself my new name, it is now Pauline Cancelled Quinn!
Why do I not know things until the last minute!
If I had known on Sunday 25th Nov, I would have contacted my sister Janiece to collect me and drop me off at the farm, I’m supposed to be rehabilitating, getting myself back to life, not to be left behind and not know anything.
Communication, please!
I went back to the typing and then I went on with my fitness on the bike.
I had to do something.
I found out that Bryan Ferry looks over all his works so that he does not have any repeating for his music, he takes little steps too.
They were advertising a novelist called;
India Knight, she wrote “Mutton” Age before beauty. Maybe.
Shall I become more beautiful the older I get or am I a piece of mutton now.
Hey, you can play about with words these days.
I think I may buy The Jazz Age by Bryan Ferry, I should enjoy it, hopefully!
What a good looking man, am I drooling!
He always uses great words for his songs.


I went downstairs and went for the bike, to build up my muscles in my legs.
I went to my room and put my hands behind my ears and I done x 20 pull ups.
Then I put my arms straight and I pull up x 10.
Now on my knees left and right, I do 5 x pull ins off the floor.
All the cereals have been placed in a key store now in the hallway, I need to find someone with a key to allow me to open a door for me to choose and have some cereal.
I find it quite silly about the cereal.


I have thought, thoughtfully.
I am living in a Rehabilitation House ----------------------------------- YES. CORRECT
Why are cereals locked away??? ----------------------------------------  YES. CORRECT
Why is a single toilet downstairs a STAFF ONLY toilet --------------YES. CORRECT
Only a toilet with a bath in it is only for us, the USERS ---------------YES. CORRECT
So if every user in our home wants to go to the loo, at the same time, when they are all downstairs and not in their own room with a loo, why is only one toilet available to us when this is our home?
Now, the laundry room?
I do realise that there is a rota for using the laundry time, BUT!
It took me 4 hours, yes, four hours to wash and dry a white and a dark wash.
How many times have I gone looking for a key to check my laundry, I shall be dramatic now, how many miles did I walk for this!
I have been here since the 23rd of April and I still do not have a key for my door!
I can lock my room when I am inside but c’mon, get the locks fixed please!

Back to my story now, as I drifted away with all my moans.

I was going to make some porridge, I took the saucepan in my hand and I went up to the office to ask for the key so that I could get some porridge for my breakfast.
That sounded ok to me!
I got into trouble for not asking the staff member in the kitchen for a key.
Usually I have always gone to the office for the keys as the other staff members never had the keys, it’s usually the senior member?
“I know the keys will always be there!” I said. “I have a brain injury, the key is usually in the office?”

It is definitely a BLOODY MONDAY today!

I made dinner with Dandy Andy this evening we started cooking at 6:35pm and finished our funny meal and conversation at about 8pmish.
What a great evening we had with our chicken curry, what cooks we have become.
I spoke to Kayleigh Ferry today!
Kayleigh Ferry now works at The Spa at Turnberry, NICE.
Well done you Kayleigh, tell Ross I said Hi.
I will organise a trip for next year to see you, say Hi to all there. XXX
I went to my bed at 11:35 pm.
Goodnight, hopefully I shall be in a better mood tomorrow.
I’m a glum, grumpy, sad old chick.


I woke up at 04:49am on Tues 27/11.
I saw the T.V. was still on, I fall asleep so quickly, I think my brain clicks it’s fingers.
Good morning Mr Patel,
Maybe we should think about this!
Should we put an off/on brightly coloured button at the side of, or inside my brain?!
As soon as my head lays on the pillow, BANG! I’m fast asleep, out for the count.
I was so awake, my body was getting into a routine, I was always up at 5am for my work, as I was the breakfast supervisor, restaurant/bar.
I watched the last half an hour of the old 1954 movie, it was titled “Broken Lance”
I think it should have been titled “Broken Arrow” instead.
Spencer Tracey, Robert Wagner, cool actors, I started remembering all the Saturday afternoon movies, usually Cowboy and Indian’s when I was in my early teens until I was sixteen yrs old. What a great memory this morning, stupendous!
Memories that arrive in my head everyday is usually a great experience, re-living all over again, a 2nd memory life, sometimes it can be a whopper of an experience and then it is such a S.A.D. memory from my sickness. The things that appear from my brain is so focused, so alert.
It’s such a shame that conversations that have happened in front of me when I was sick and I could not talk, should have been taken to the side and held out of my hearing, they should have held it in private.
Silly People!
The weather looked grumbly, grumpy, and miserable today.

MY MEETING 27/11/12

Today, “WE”, me and all others, are having a meeting about me!
This meeting was arranged for me, today, on the 20th July 2012, that was the date of my last meeting?
WHY did I not know?
People knew, this meeting was being held on Wednesday the 14th of November 2012.
WHY am I left on the side?
This was starting at 10:30am.
People are talking about my alertness and that I grown out of my shoes here.

I need to move on and grow.
I said bye, bye to Steve Government + KKKKatie, and gave them both a kiss and a cuddle from me, they deserve it XXXX
This is a funny comment that happened;
“YES, we take Pauline’s weight every week, it’s all in the files?”
Let me check my DIARY!
I shall find out in my diary all the dates that I got weighed and possibly even the time.
From my mind so far I have been weighed, possibly 3 times or maybe 4 times.
This is from the 23rd of April this year!
Weighed every week! BALLS!
I shall see! I shall find out! I am now a detective!
Balls definitely!


I had my OT today after MY MEETING!
I have made an Apple Pie for the weekend as David’s family June and Sam and his friend Peter are coming round for the long weekend.
I have done a pretty good job on my Apple Pie, excellent!

I finished my lunch and then I was invited out to go to the “Garden Centre?”
Is this a treat for me being a good girl today!


I think this Welbeck has been a Manor House.
There were a lot of xmas gift things as soon as we walked in, so I treated myself to some “crimbo” treats.
I was starting to feel X-massy with all the decorations and all the bright colours.
It’s a good job I had £15 in my purse, now that was my saviour.
I didn’t really know what I was really doing here, I had never been here before.
I thought I was “JUST” coming to a garden centre????
It was amazing so far with all the colours and all the bits and bobs
Straight away I found out what I could and would buy.
I bought my little prezzies for myself; a ring of snowman lights, a ho, ho, ho, a carousel and a white x-mas tree. Result. Below £15. Nice!
I took a nice picture of my gifts to myself, I was thoughtful to myself, I have too.
The carousel was lovely, but I never had enough  Dosh!      
I decided to look at some cards; JAKE and AARON, I will send you both a picture for your Christmas cards from me. Adrian will have to be sent a card from me as I never found his name. Bummer, but it has saved me a few pounds so far; RESULT, NICE.
I loved to look at all the glitzy things, wonderful.
We came out of the glitzy toys, trees, snowmen, Santa Clause area and seen our next adventure area. The coffee shop was closed now, bummer.
The next archway was for the “Welbeck Game”
Meats and patisseries and drinks and fine chocolate and confectionery.

Boutique Aromatique



National Finalist
Own and Local Award
They made their own CIDRES.


Hey they put their fingers in to anything and it blooms, it spreads.


At Welbeck, Shelly is the senior Confectionnairist.
Today she made a raspberry fondant, covered with white chocolate with a drizzle of raspberry “goo” Hmmmmmm XXX

When we moved outside I looked up at the moon, it was lovely.
I think the way that I look at pictures just now, can be very interesting.
I think I will try and put myself up for a competition on my pictures.
Lights were flashing here, and there.

They sold their x-mas trees, different various sizes.
Another area we went into, was all the tiny animal pets and food.
They looked at me with their big brown eyes.
The rats were very fast, they ran here and there too. Quickly.
Ah, the white/tan rabbit, gorgeous.
When we moved outside the reindeer was chatty, did I talk to it! BLAST.
Why do I talk to stuffed animals! EASY! THEY LISTEN!


When we got home, I organised all my presents to myself.
LOOKS GOOD! It was very cheerful, Christmassy in my room now.
Christmas is just around the corner.
I went downstairs and had my dinner at 5pm.
At 5:30pm, I had to go and get weighed.
I thought; Why do I have to get weighed at 5:30pm just after my dinner??????
Does that make any sense TO ANY ONE!

Dear Mr Patel,

What do you think of this???

Lots of Love,
Pauline Quinn.

My new neighbour is “Big G the Artyman”
He is an Artist.
Big G told me that I could take his picture from his head as we spoke about my Blog.
He said I can take a picture of his artistique drawings. COOL.
They certainly were!
The girl with the fringe, that he has been drawing, I thought it looked like his sister.
It looked so much like her, with the length of her hair and the fringe.
Beautiful work.
Big G, offered me to use the paint by numbers kit that he has.
I appreciated the paint by numbers kit, I will use it soon, but I will use my own paints.
I went to my room and seen more red marks on my legs again.
Does the actual red colour actually have a weight!
I jumped into bed for the coolest sleepy night.
Good night.


This morning I woke up at 05:30am, I had the most magnificent memory.
This memory, I shall tell you now!


I am in my wheelchair, my flying machine! I was pushed along a corridor.
I was stopped at a door, the door opened, outwards, not inwards.
I saw the wall at my right hand side, it was flush with the hinges holding up the door.
I looked straight into the breadth of the room, I was turned around to my left and I faced up the length of the room.
The wall was flush with me again, at my left hand side.
I was pushed up to, about, the halfway mark of the room.
I was stopped.
I was turned around in my wheelchair and I was pushed backwards for my chair to touch the wall. My brakes were put on. CLICK.
As I sat there, I looked down to my feet. I was safe,
I was just behind the white stripe on the floor.
My toes and my feet were just behind the white stripe painted on the floor.


I was wearing my black skull hat on my head to help to protect my brain.
My hat was clicked under my chin, to keep my hat on.



I watched Basket Ball!
I need to find out if they are semi-professionals, or maybe big proper lads!!!
They were playing for Sheffield, for that I’m sure.
I know that Janiece was there with me, the basketballers were disabled too, they were in wheelchairs, it was their practice days.
Their practice days were practice days, I still enjoyed it.
I have my detective hat on now.
Maybe they were semi-professional disabled fitness basketballers.


Now this teddy is so close to me. I really do love him, true.
I remember David arriving from work, hey, he has work clothes on.
Proper dark trousers, shirt, very work like!
When David popped into Osbourne, he was very cute the way he played with me, to see if I remembered where each toy was.
Hey, it was good to train my brain to remember things.
Where my T.V. came out from the wall, it was on an arm, a metal arm, for me to watch telly in my bed.
Little Dave does handstand,
Little Dave becomes a nurse,
Little Dave has an injury, sore head, sore arm and a sore wrist,
Little Dave loved his FLOVE!
I arrived into the room and Little Dave disappeared?
Where did he go to!
I searched here and there, everywhere!
I found Little Dave, he was “Hingin’ Aboot!” he was on top of the metal arm of my T.V. crane.
Little Dave had a left arm and a left leg, dangling down on one side of the metal arm, the crane, then on the other side it’s the right leg and arm, just dangling down. Free!
Freedom! That was Little Dave! Hingin’ Aboot!
Now, I don’t have a picture of this? I need to find out now!
I sent David a txt, I asked him to let me know if he had a few minutes to talk on his way to work. It was about 07:45am and my phone rang, it was David.
We spoke about Little Dave of the metal arm.
David told me that he never put Little Dave in the heights that I found him.
I shall talk to the nurses at Osbourne to see who done what?
I think the nurses actually enjoyed giving me the training for my brain.
My memories are so acute since I moved here; I am sensitive to details, keen.
Everything is of extreme importance; crucial to me just now.
That was two great memories at the same time, woohoo! This early in the morning!
Between Little Dave Quinn Staff Nurse and Nurse Pauletta Fleece, they enjoyed the sunshine this morning.
What a beautiful day. XXX


It was a beautiful morning.
The sun was very bright.
I had an appointment at the Wellbeck Road Health Centre.
My appointment time was 10:15am with Rachel Khine. She’s the pretty girl.
I went down the stairs and I told the senior staff member that, when I go to the surgery I can walk in all by myself. I told them that I didn’t need anyone in the surgery with me, there, but, if they needed to speak to Rachel Khine, after my appointment they could talk with her when I was finished.
Confidence, a good word.
When we got to the surgery, I was pretty confident about my pro-lapse.
I work a lot on my muscles all over my body.
My muscles had been left for such a long time.
I got through to see Rachel and we chatted a lot.
She was now my photographer this morning!
We took our own picture this morning, GOOD Eh!
Rachel is such a smiley girl, I love her big smile, Rachel hides nothing.
I could chat away all day to her, but I must let her get on with her job.
Rachel walked with me into the waiting area, she said her goodbyes to me.
She just called over to my assistant that I was “OK” and then she walked away.
I walked home and I had my lunch.
I had some pasta and salad for lunch, proteins.
I noticed that I missed a call from Janiece at 12:31.
The telly was programmed to “This Morning”, it had Hugh Grant discussing the LEVESON inquiry findings! INTERESTING!
As I lay on top of the bed, I dozed off.
It was a power nap. I fell asleep without noticing.
I woke up at 13:10 with the voices from the telly.
It was Carol Voderman, Carol McGriffin, Sherrie Howson and
The great SIR Ian McKellen, was on the telly to talk about the CIVIL RIGHTS for being gay.

I got back to my phone as there was a phone call from KKKKatie, my girl.
We had spoken from 2pm until 2:28pm.
I told KKKKatie about my family.
I told KKKKatie about how the family had actually brought me down.
I remembered the previous happenings that occurred!
A sister had actually brought me down.
My sister Janiece had her eye job/surgery!
I had just had an infection in my body.
Why the “HELL” did she wheelchair me from a clean area to an infectious area.
I had just had my SHUNT on the 15th of February.

Dear Mr Patel,
                       How dare did my sister do this to me and actually you!.
Why did she take me from a clean area to an infectious area, where Janiece was?
My sister, has done this against all the efforts that you have gone through for me.  
You kept me safe and clean, through your surgery.
You fought for me!
Obviously, after all this surgery that I have gone through, my sister thought it would be fine to push me in a wheelchair with my “SKULL HAT” through an infection area when my head has just gone through a big surgery again. Oopsadaisy!
When I am wearing a skull hat, can people not realise. !!!
When I am wearing a skull hat, can people not realise, BACTERIA!!!
Thank you for listening to me Mr Patel.

Lots of Love,
Pauline Quinn.

The memories that come my way, is so fast and forceful, every day.
Sometimes I need a break away from my memories, but they turn up.
The staff started being very Christmassy, they produced, the tree, the snowmen, the decorations, they felt very festive to me.
I went out to the back door to take a picture of the First Star.
I then went indoors, I went to bed and then I went to sleep.


I got up early and put on my Neurocare top with my joggies and trainers.
I looked at my bed and it was all crumpled up.
I can usually get up with nothing moving in my bed area. My top cover and duvet was all over the place on my bed.
Maybe I was moving through the night for my excitement for today.
I went downstairs and started my physical movements.
I need to build up my nerve ends, my muscles and my stamina.
I stretch all my muscles, exercise.
What a great sunrise, it puts me in a good mood to be alive.
I go through the morning sunrise for you, from the glimmer of light to the “BANG”
The sun arises from it’s bed.
I feel good when I see the sun shining in the sky.
I love looking at all the colours and the shapes of the clouds in the sky.
I think I shall write to Julie H. Winter.
Julie H. Winter, (who lives in Glen Afton, on the borders of Scotland) is a Painter.
I must get in touch with her, and make arrangements for our painting up on a hill.


I had to cancel my hospital meeting in Clay Cross Hospital, Chesterfield.
I was supposed to meet Steve Government today, but he has extra meetings to do.
That means that today, I have all day to pamper myself.
Shave, paint nails, and pluck my eyebrows, moisture my skin, LUSH!
I had my lunch and then I started dressing for this evening.
Janiece has to collect me at 4pm so I had better get myself ready, NOW!
It takes some time to pamper myself.
My physician came to help me with my false eye lashes, that was tricky!
We had a giggle about joining my lashes together.
I have made a nice picture of us, as a nice Christmas present for her.
I posed for her with all my bling on, oops! I missed my necklace!
It got to 4pm and I was collected for my dinner, then I was going to the BIG PARTY.
I remembered to put on my “BLING” this time.
We got ready to cross the hearth, leave!


When we got down to the Mercedeze showroom there was a lot of people there.
People who were there had supported us.
It’s all about a brain injury!
Neurocare Charity has worked hard to help us, to help us bring our brain injury alive.
The invited people, the sponsors who turned up for the party has put a lot of money into the charity purse so far.
It was a great big THANK YOU ALL.
I think tonight has been a great gift to the Neurocare Charity.
Neurocare Charity has been given a Mercedeze for a month, free of charge. WOW!
They will put all their posters and all their bits and bobs in and on the car.
The 4 wheels is definitely a great gift to them.

I met Emma Douglas with my beautiful Grace Enwright, and then all of a sudden there was a voice that I recognised, Rebbeca Allen.
I have spoken to her already at Neurocare Charity Office.
I blether too much.
All of a sudden the music was put onto quiet!
The DJ was McNige, he is the brother of Emma Douglas.
McNige called over his PA System; PAULINE “QUEEN OF SCOTLAND” QUINN.
I just about pooped my pants!

I went over to see him and he put his music back on and then he came over to chat with me.
There was a very glamorous lady who was standing at my left hand side.
McNige was introducing me to Angela Bywater.
Angela Bywater & McNige
Angela Bywater is a Marketing Manager at Westbourne School in Sheffield.
I was engrossed in our talk and then we got snapped, pictured.
I haven’t seen McNige for some time, but it’s always nice to meet him.
I was then told that I missed the box dancing********* Ahhhhhhhh!
There was a group of young boys dancing together for their friend, he was 14yrs old.
They were called “SKOOL DANCE”
They were:-
Young Mr Harrison,
Young Mr Tom,
Young Mr Brannon, and finally,
Young Mr Adam,
Their friend, who is 14yrs too, goes to:-
This is a fantastic, awesome school in SHEFFIELD.
I’m PROUD of them all.
From the teachers at school to the best friends there, this 14yr old survivor gives us all INSPIRATION.
We all need to take another step forward, we all need to help as much as we can to help NEUROCARE.
This 14yr old has had the attention of Neurocare. He’s just like me, but I've had less surgeries. Thank God.

He had been under 9, NINE surgeries! WOW
Straight away I thought about the poor boy, what struggles he has gone through too.
I thought that I was bad for having 4, but 9! Double Whammy, plus 1!
Then it was time to cruise in the cars;
No1, The Red Sporty Ferrari, coooooooool, enough room for my legs! Ahhhhhh!
No2, The Bentley!!!!!! A story!

THE BENTLEY - my memory here;

Years ago, I lived in London, Golders Green.
I worked for a Jewish family named Mr and Mrs Aaronson.
They had a lovely home, and I lived with them.
I was a housekeeper for them, I never cleaned!
I just made an effort that the house was there from 1st thing in the morning until last thing at night. (Humour).
The cleaner was a Portuguese lady called Gisella.
While she was cleaning I usually helped her with her chores. (No one knows! Shhh!).
The reason that I was employed there was so that I could be a friend for their son when he came over from the University in America, and look after their house.
When he came over from America he got a job in Selfridges on Oxford Street. It was the big store there.
What a worker, straight away he got his job.
I was in the kitchen one Saturday afternoon and Mr Aaronson asked me if I would like a ride in his car!
Well, I said “YES!”
I had never lived away from my home, this was my first bit of adventurism.
I was 18yrs old.
I had never had a boyfriend.
I loved my life to the full.
I loved the adventure………………………LONDON
Mr Aaronson asked me, “Can you bring the fish with you!”
Well I looked at the round bowl on the window sill with the fish in it, swirling around.
I picked the fish up and walked out of the front door, behind Mr Aaronson.
He opened the back door and held it open for me. I gracefully moved into the back seat, it was HUGE!
I sat down and Mr Aaronson got into the front of the car and the car hummed quietly.
I had never seen anything as big as that, I never even knew what a Bentley was until NOW!
I had never managed to work out how big was their monetary realities, until I was in my early 20’s.
I’m sure Mr Aaronson had a Big Company of his own.
We drove round Golders Green where we lived, then Finsbury Park that was where Gisella stayed.
He kept asking me if the fish was enjoying itself on it’s journey. Regularly I asked the fish “Oooh! Look at that!”  As I held it up towards the window so that it could see what I saw.
I reckon that all those years ago I think he was giving me a show of the area to see if I liked it or not. 
Very Psychology.  **************
When we got home, I put the fish up on the window sill in the kitchen.
The weather was lovely, I sat out on the back patio, which was an open expense of the house, it was gi-normous (my word, but Scottish).
I sat at the table having a soft drink, I followed the garden and it never stopped.
Quite further down the garden I saw big trees, about 4 or 6 trees.
The green grass went on forever, it never stopped!
It was a lot later that I realised that we were running along side the Golf Course.
Hey, you could even get up early and jog around the golf course before it got busy.

Carry on with the story; Neurocare Charity Party.

No 3 Wow!
The black beauty!
Again they were beautifully fitted and had lots of space.



DING DONG !”£$%^&*()_+}{:@~#’;<>?/,.

COOLIO $£$£$£ I certainly hope the money comes in, ka-ching!

I modelled for the Neurocare Charity Neurocar.
I looked at all the cars and I thought, “Which car should I buy!”
Then I bumped into the dancing boys,* * * * 4 stars dancing.
I felt terrible that I missed their dancing.
We chatted and then I told them about my blog, I asked them if they would like to go onto my blog with me. They said a positive “YES!”
There was Andy with the white hat.
Then there was Harrison.
Next there was Brandon, he was quite a bit taller than me, 14yrs, YIKES!
Then there was  Tom, taller than me again. Double YIKES.
Then we all stand at the Neurocare sign for a bit more publicity.
I would like everyone to know about the NEUROCARE name and what it does.
I shall help NEUROCARE as long as I can, they are worth it, even Mr Patel.
Mr Patel, my Neurocare Surgeon. First Class man with great fingers for surgery.
Now in the new picture are;
Mr and Mrs Douglas, mother and father to Emma and McNige
Emma Douglas; Head of Fundraising and PR.
Grace Enright; Assistant Fundraiser.
McNige; DJ and Fundraiser for Neurocare Charity.
Moi, Pauline Queenie Quinn; Brain fighter for health, loves 2nd life to the limit.
This is my new brain family, McNige really makes me laugh.
I only need to look at him and he fills me with so much happiness, ear to ear smiles.
Then it’s a snog moment for us.
McNige and I. CLOSE.
Hmmmmmm. Yummy, NICE KISSER! WOW! He is worth it!
Or is it how many kisses so far!
Now I am pushing this!
Emmas Fiancee ***************
He is a BIG BOY!
Why am I so small? I always thought that I was a decent size.
Youngsters are sooooo big these days!
The guys brought the cars back into the showroom for tomorrow.
I tried to drape my body over the car bonnet, I could only get my arms!
Next time I shall try to throw my body over a car bonnet seductively. MAYBE!
I glimpsed at the moon up in the sky, a heavenly sight tonight.
David came to collect us and drove us home.
It was a great night, AWESOME. I know I will sleep well. Goodnight. XXX


I woke up at 7am and made a tea for tea and a coffee for myself.
(It should say "a tea for David" sometimes my brain runs faster than me!)
I had to go downstairs for a quick pee! The upstairs was busy, being used.
When I made the hot drinks, I arranged my bed and got my clothes ready for my special weekend.


I know that today is an exciting day today.
I think that my special word today is “TODAY!”
I had my shower and got ready for my day “TODAY!”
David helped me with my assistance “TODAY!”
Now, he helped me with my first picture “TODAY!”
I am now promoting “NEUROCARE, Let’s get our heads together” “TODAY!”

I stood at the bottom of the house stairs, I then called to Janiece and David;
“10, 9, 8, 7,…….1, four minutes till 08:30am, I’m ready”

David came downstairs, then I pointed to my watch for the time, “C’mon!” I said.
The biggest thing that has happened for me this morning is;



This was a great surprise for me “TODAY!”
It was a great bright sunrise for me.
I put on my sunglasses and my big furry, fluffy hat.
We got into the car for my special day “TODAY!”
Sue from next door, appeared at the car door, to wish us all “Have a great time!”
Jasmine the Black Laborador, came running up to me, she was sniffing her nose to see the what was happening, did we have anything for her!
Bless her; I had nothing today, maybe the next time!
We were on our way.
The engine was running and David was concentrating.


While we were on the motorway, we drove passed the cooling towers at Radcliffe Power Station.
The clouds were very light in the sky, I had a mere glance of a cloud.
The clouds started knitting together in the sky.
I need to find out where they have the huge propellors? Is it electricity power?
It was near Rugby.
We are going to be making a short “HELLO, TODAY!” to Des before we go to our destination at Bognor Regis, SOUAFF = SOUTH! to collect Peter.

I looked around to talk to Janiece and she had a snoring, sleepy head, know I know how I looked like last night. I was a heavy snoring ME, last night.
I kept everyone awake last night! SORRY!


I am getting enthusiastic about painting just now.
David and I carried on talking about my wish list for a X-mas pressy.
I would like a few or even just one canvas to paint on and some papers to draw, cool.
We still had a “Sleepy Head” in the back of the car.
Janiece was quite happy to just sit there in the back of the car and David and I both went to the loo and buy some breakfast Mc Donalds.
We got a Bacon Sub, Hash Brown and Cappuccinos, for each of us. Yummy, WOW!
I started to use my graffiti writing, I remembered, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music.
I had great memories.
As we progressed on our journey to Bognor Regis, via Letchworth, the buildings were beautiful, there were some thatched houses, as soon as I was ready to take a picture it was gone!
STOP! For 2 minutes;

Dear Mr Patel,
I should have a stop and start button on my life too!
That way, if I know that there is a nice picture ahead of me, I should be able to have it all organised. I will be ready to take a nice picture for my story!
ORGANISED that will be me.
Hope you are well Mr Patel.
Lots of love,
Pauline Quinn XXX

We drove through a village called Hexton in Ickfield, it was lovely on a hill
There was lovely brickwork created on the church, there was lovely wooden lengths to strengthen the houses, a lovely wall?????
Now the brick wall just appeared. Oooooops!
Walls can be pretty.
We then drove past a lovely entrance into their graceful church lands. Ahhh, lovely.
We were just driving into Letchworth to collect Peter. Hoorah, we were there.
We drove to see Des to say a little “Hello!” before we travelled again.
I was told that Jake will be staying with his grandfather this weekend.
When we all made our way into Des’s home, I told Peter and Des the story of my two memory’s on Thursday morning, it was about the wheelchair basketball and the metal arm and Nurse Little David.
We had a lovely quick chat and then it was time to go again.
When we got into the car, then Janiece realised that the felt pens that she had bought were left at home. “What happened to the pens for the bingo!” I said. Oops!
I had a big cracker of a plook on my chin. Touch……..No!
The clouds started gathering together as the day was progressing.
The sky clouds suddenly evaded from the sun.
I had a nap in the car for a quick 30 minutes, that was my “Power Nap!”
Now it was a song game, who did sing H.A.P.P.Y.?
We had the SMOOTH RADIO 70’s on the radio, it was entertainment for us.
We were then passing Maple Cross, in the Heathrow area.
I asked David “Where is Bognor Regis?” David told me it was at the bottom of the island, so I thought, Hmmmmm.
All of a sudden the answer to the question about H.A.P.P.Y. was 1979, it was sung by Edwin Star. HAPPY = Hoorah!
I found out that at Butlins, we would all be sharing an apartment this weekend.
I was very excited that we would all be sharing our life together this weekend.
HOT CHOCOLATE – “Everyone’s a winner!” was another song.
Everyone’s satisfied. Words mean a lot these days.
I remember him singing the song a long time ago, he had a shiny head, or was it bald?
I found out that the Dartford Tunnel goes under The Thames River.
The Euro Tunnel is from Great Britain to France, COOL!
I learn so many things everyday.

I told Peter the story about my Neuro Party last night and all the cars I was posing in.
Then there was an “X” in the sky “TODAY!”
I felt good about it, “TODAY!”
We drove past the Petworth Church, it was very beautiful, then next we stopped at a parking spot at the top of the hill, on DUNCTON HILL.
They have quite a few museums here, there is also a ROMAN VILLA at Bignor just off the A29, which has been on route to Bognor Regis, 5 miles to go!
I looked down at all the land and there was a BIG WHITE HOUSE in the distance.
I will need to have a look for it on the atlas now.
I will be curious to find out what it is………maybe a Manor House!
There was a pub called The Royal Oak, it was PINK! Just outside Bognor Regis.
I will try to get a photo of Bognor Regis town on my way home! (If I remember!)
We made our way towards the University of Chichester.
When we got to the University, there was an entrance as was directed, we drove through the entrance, what was the building????? Hottingham Park??????


This is our SEA, SUN & SOUL 

As we pulled into the Butlin’s resort, there was a lot of staff out at the front gate giving every driver directions, with their Butlin’s uniform and their names.
Our staff personal driving guide was “BRYN” He was a lovely boy with all his directions, “Ahead, forward, take a right, forward, etc”.
Bryn told us that we were being directed to the Atlantic Bay Village.
I was EXCITED, yes, very excited.
He gave us superb directions to our “Registration & Information Office” we collected our room keys for us all, and another verbal guide to where our room was situated.
Our guide here was a guy named Alexander, lovely boy.
I got my picture with “BILLY” the Butlin’s, their cuddly soft creature hero.
We got our keys and then we made our way to our weekend home with a;
We made our way out of the information office and Peter said “Hi” to one of the girls.
Hey, people really do love their SOUL WEEKENDER’S.
Everyone who goes on a Soul Weekender is in a big Soul Family, quite a few people know each other from the destination and the music, and the time of the year.
We made our way to our apartment; we were only minutes away from the information office.
We could even see the office from our lounge.
David put on our weekend wristbands, that allows us to move about anywhere.
As Janiece and David were unpacking all the goodies that we had, Peter and I went for a walk around the area. We were going to get some ice for the juice.
When we went outside, we realised that we were just 3 minutes from the entertainment area. There was quite a lot for all the singers.
All the entertainment that was provided went from 12 noon until LATE!
I was outside all the tubes.
I then started to take a lot of pictures, of nothing really, I just thought I may catch something unusual. That’s the way that things really happen.
I seen the big “SPLASH” area for swimming, Janiece had brought me swimsuit but I thought, leave it till I get home.
The building was very good on the eye.
Peter asked me, “Why do I click on my phone!”
He knows that I take pictures, but he wondered WHY!
I told Peter that I never write in my diary, I click and take a picture instead.
A silly picture is my diary with all the words that I use. It’s fun!
Peter and I both looked around the main area. We were trying to find out where we could buy some ice.
Could we find ICE!
NO, we couldn’t find ice anywhere!
Peter and I went into the KFC and he spoke to the supervisor lady there, she offered us some ice, FREE! WOW!
We all appreciate it.
When we got home, Janiece and David had organised all my bedding and evening clothes, and sorted out all the other bits and bobs of mine.
We went for a quick walk along the promenade, not too far, I told Janiece, as I wouldn’t want to walk too far out and not have enough energy to walk back.
We had a nice coffee and cake to keep us going, it was fantabulous.
I used to live by the sea in Scotland, we had a family home at Portencross, right on the beach, there was a small stop over Castle. Now, for any Scottish royalties who died in the London area, their bodies would be sailed back to Portencross, stop over at the Castle, then the next day they head off to the Scottish island for a burial.
The apartments on the promenade were very plushy, they had their balconies, (verandah’s), very decorative.
**********I don’t know what happened with the light here?****************
A lot of the soul weekenders, love the fancy dress.
We are outside Bar Rosso, what a dapper guy, COOL!
As I was sitting here with my juice, I started getting HOT!
Hey, was I HOT, sssssss, or was my body circulation getting better!
My body circulation is definitely getting better now.
I loved being outside and dancing, care free! That was COOL!
“JACK” was and looked cool too! He wore his 4 plus trousers, very elegant.
Everything matched, even his cap with a skip too!
I couldn’t stop my legs, I loved it.
Even my wooden leg Stephania loved all the grooving.

I’m promoting; please listen.

“NEUROCARE, let’s get our heads together”

Don’t forget it, pretty please, they are a CHARITY who helps people like ME!
David loved groovin’ too.
We danced quite a bit, and then we went back to our apartment for some nibbles.
I put my FALSE EYELASHES on, for a bit of fun.
Now I was raring to go, DING<DONG.
David was very good at his singing, there was a lot of tunes flying through the air.
Now, officially I gave him two out of two, or was it PEACE MAN. COOL!
We were rrrrrrready to goooooooooh!
Posing, then “Lets hit the road, man, don’t look back, look back, look back”
David and I were heating up our bones, raring to go.
David and I should become a dancing doublet, we are good at acting silly. FREEDOM!
Now the bones have had their work out, here goes.


When Phinesta Taylor’s Soul Xpress came on the stage and the curtains opened it was a very breathtaking experience for me.
I have always loved my music and the dazzling performers who were in each band, this was another big experience for me.
I have to re-learn everything, even going to see singers and musicians.
One tiny little step for me, is the biggest experience for me.
I needed to stand close to her, I couldn’t see her face as clear enough for me.
I watched the big telly to get a closer to me, I could watch her clearer on the stage
The coloured lights were giving an ambiance on the stage.
I was watching how the camera and light workers, got on with their job.
Very good lads, whatever your names are!


I thank you all for the colours and the visual workout.
Everyone looked good in the outfits, proud, happy, every muscle in the body.
I went to the loo and I seen a good giggle so I had to take the picture;
“The Butlin’s Stall,
Donkey’s spotted sunbathing at night”
I laughed to myself! HEE HAW!
There was colours everywhere, it’s as if some people have thrown tins of colour paints, and mixed our whole night, what a colourful night.
I cant THANX, Janiece and David, ENOUGH, for my new experiences.
My new 2nd life experiences.


DJ Keith Stewart, Entertainer, Compare, Entertainment Consultant, DJ.

I heard the DJ talking to the crowd for a few minutes when a record finished.
DJ Keith Stewart was acknowledging all the requests that were there.
I thought!
I took a pen and a piece of paper out of my bag, and then I started to write.
David and Janiece, looked at me carefully!
They were wondering what on earth I was doing now.
I told them that I just wanted something and walked away.
I went over to see the DJ; I gave him my piece of paper and my card.
His eyes opened bigger and brighter.
He looked at my card; he read what was on my card, and he smiled.
Straight away he pulled down the volume from the music and said LOUDER;


I wanted to thank them publicly in front of as many people as I could.
I did a good job, so did DJ Keith Stewart.
DJ Keith Stewart and I were behind his music console having a chat.
We were talking about my holiday in Salou for another Soul Weekender holiday with DJ ASH and DJ MARKY MARK.
Now I know that the three of them, Keith, Marky Mark and Ash are friends.
Suddenly, Janiece arrived in front of us; I think DJ KEITH STEWART was happy to see and put a face alongside my story.
There has been a swirl of talking tonight; it’s been “AMAZING”

Then we had great songs;
“What you want baby”
Disco Inferno and then we had “NICE SHOES”
Jenny was asking me about my RED BLING.
I should really go around with some birth certificates for all my jewels. My bling. 
I have written in my little book;
Keith DJ says:-
He calls me an inspiration to him, he knows ASH & MARKY MARK.
DJ Keith Stewart, he is actually an inspiration to ME too.
It was funny watching all the fancy dressers today.
There was a smoother dancer next to me, his name was CARTIER, he was cute and he was a boxer before. Nowadays he does a lot of charity for children/kids.
Cartier has offered to help me, if I need any sponsors for NEUROCARE CHARITY.
Tonight, Cartier had on a sweatshirt, “I’M THE GREATEST”, I think Cartier IS the greatest as he has offered, if I need any help with my sponsors for next April.
CARTIER, will box his way through anything and everything.


Mark Eddy turned out to be right in the middle of a great, great unbelievable meeting with me today.
Mark took off his wig to properly introduce himself to me!
What great manners he has.
David was good at being my photographer tonight, he loved taking his own pictures.
So, here we go with:- Dahrah ………….. DAVID “SOUL” MAN
Then we had the lovely:-
It was a pleasure meeting you both, thank you both for the camaraderie in “SOUL”
P.S. Nice dancing!


They have just arrived, Woohoo!
There was a lot of kissing and cuddling to start with, it was great.
I absolutely love to hold hands, arms, I’m terrible over wrists.
I’ve now held them so tightly, for such a long time now. Silly isn’t it!
I have in my mind that I won’t let anyone run away from me, hold them tight.
I had a big smile on my face as soon as I saw June.
June and I started with our cuddles for a special picture.


When I saw it, I was amazed with the colour, now that reminds me:-
This was what I saw in my eyes, a “CLOUD SYSTEM”
That is the medical word of what my eyes were going through.
I couldn’t see anything in 3D, I just seen everything in my pinky red world.
This picture will let you all KNOW! And SEE! What I was going through then.

Back to my story:-

I went back for another chat with DJ Keith Stewart; he gave me an introduction now.
Keith introduced me to:- EDDIE the DJ’s BRO
Hey, EDDIE, we should have a comedy routine now, THE POINTER SISTERS, Eh!
We had a superb evening, our first night; dancing, smiling, happy, awesome.
As we were leaving to go back to our apartments, David thought that he was out in the jungle and ready for anyone. It was 04:24am.
I had the best night “AGAIN” Let’s see what tomorrow brings. GOODNIGHT XXX.



I was woken up just before 09:00am, Janiece asked me if I was ready for a walk along the beach?
Straight away I said,
“Ohhhh!, that sounds good, I just need a quick pee before we go!”
I had heard the toilet door being used so I just said,
“David, can you let me into the loo please, as quickly as possible for a pee?”
Suddenly Janiece said to me that it was June in the loo!
It took me a little while to organise what and where I was?
I was confused for a few moments.
I then noticed that Janiece still had yesterday’s clothes on? I was trying to work out what happened. I asked her if she fell asleep on the sofa? The answer was “NO”
I asked why!
Janiece said that June and her had been talking all night long. They were both full of beans, full of energy and ready to go.
Janiece said to me; “Let’s get ou’ra town!” She put on a movie star’s accent with a bit of attitude, it was funny.
I started to get ready for my walk with the girls, and I put on my walking shoes.
I had a bed that I slept in, and, the next bed was UNSLEPT!
I found it quite funny that the five of them chatted all night, I felt so proud of them, June and Janiece  knew that I wanted to walk early in the morning, so they decided to walk with me on the beach in Bognor Regis instead of going for a sleep.
I brushed my teeth and I was ready to go for my walk. We were all ready!
9am-------------Go walking.
We walked out of our Butlins area and that was us, ready for going!
The building next to us was lovely with all the balconies, here we go!
I was absolutely happy with my freedom, stretching my arms and legs.


What a Beautiful, Sunny, Dry, SOUL day.
The 1st day of December 2012, WOW, I am alive, sincerely!

I stood on the beach with my arms open and then I told the sun, “I’m ALIVE!”

I stood on the beach with my arms open and then I told the sea, “I’m ALIVE!”

I stood on the beach with my arms open and then I told the earth, “I’m ALIVE!”

I stood under the sky and I danced with my arms open to the world.

I stood there and the sun danced with me, as the sea watched us and the earth held us.

The promenade was beautiful with all of it’s sights.
I saw where they put on the main fire to re-ignate me.
Now, there are beautiful seats, designs from the turn of the century to rest your legs.
There was little trading cabins, selling all the shore seafood.
June and Janiece were in a deep conversation, the sun was hanging on their shoulders.
The fishermen were coming in with their goodies, an abundance from the sea!
We decided to take a stroll on the Pier, the sun was still guiding me with the rays.
I was looking through the planks of wood to see how far down the water was?
I really wanted to know how far to fall!
I held onto the hand railing, it was my best friend, all the way to the end of the pier.
I went up to the very end of the Pier, I did have a fear at the bottom of my tummy.
I couldn’t even stand straight, I had to bend my knees slightly, I was not confident.
I definitely had jelly beans jumping around in my insides.                         
What a relief that I had at the end of our Pier stroll.
I felt that I fulfilled another BIG STEP for myself.
What an adventure that I am having these days!
I actually made it from the promenade to the Pier end and back with no tears! Woohoo!
The Royal Hotel @ Bognor Regis was pink, I love the colours.
I can imagine all the stories that this hotel would hold from many, many, years ago.
As we carried on with our walk, these two wee dogs had to get right in the middle of my story, they loved the attention.


We got a little bit further along the promenade and then we sat down for a rest.
The sun was shining down on us, it was warm.
I had to tie my jacket around my waistband; the heat was lovely on my body.
I will never walk too far along the promenade as I need to know that if I walk outwards then my body needs to walk back without any problems.
We got back to Butlin’s @ Bognor Regis and we seen Gary at the gate.
Gary is doing some medical knowledge at College or University, either/or!
We made our way back to our apartment. June and Janiece have been wonderful taking me out this morning for my walk.
This tiny little effort, a little walk, from someone else means so much more to me.
I told them to go and rest their head and their body, I have typing to do!


As they lay down, I made myself a coffee and I started to type again.
It was now 10:30am, what a great start to the day.
I love typing, it’s great exercise for the brain, words, languages, spelling, it is fun.
David woke up and got washed and ready for the brand new day.
As the girls were dozing off and Sam and Peter were still giving it Zzzzzzzzz’s, I invited David out for another wee walk!
Woohoo! David accepted and joined me for another promenade walk.
This is my lucky day!
The sun is shining, the sea is calm, this is another brilliant day!
David was searching the seas for any interesting movement, “Is that a boat!”
David has become my photographer now, well, he has longer arms for the pictures.
Now this is a good picture; David is taking my picture between the holiday makers.
Can you see the reflection of David in front of me! COOL!
The black dog, the Labrador was very content, just lying there, comfortable.
Oops! A lady is looking at me from her window on her holiday home on wheels, I think I had better move on.
Maybe I should buy some roller skates; I would be there and then gone in seconds!
What a great imagination I have now!

I still felt the warmth in the sun, my bones were feeling superb.
I showed David the Octopus, the Anchor, the Dolphins and the Crab.
I told David that I know what I shall put on my Christmas present wish list.
“A CANVAS” or two!
I am going to paint again, well play about and try to paint on a canvas.
That will be a great challenge for me, but at least TRYING is better than NOTHING!
As we moved further along the prom, there was an area for the BMX’s.
The young cute boy with the purplish top was named Aiden, he loved his music as he sat there, Aiden couldn’t wait until he flew into the air on his BMX.
Aiden had lovely big brown eyes and a great head of hair.
The other young man was Sam, I worry now!
I worry now, as I see him with his helmet on his head, I hope Sam will be OK.
When I see that someone is being careful with their head that reminds me of me!
The guys were very artistic on their BMX’s
I thoroughly enjoyed my sights at them. COOLIO!!
David and I carried on doing our exercises on the outside gym, it was funny.
Hey, I did try to hold my own body with just my arms. YIKES!!
As David and I sat down for a chat together, David noticed the sky in my eyes.
We tried to get a good picture of it, we done not too bad. Eh!
We had a look at all the yachts, there was more yachts coming in from the sea.
Aiden and Sam cycled along the side of us; they were pretty good with the bikes.
We got back to the car park and walked through to Butlin’s @ Bognor Regis.
We  then went back to our rooms to seen if Janiece was awake yet!
Janiece got ready and she came along with David and I, we decided that we were going into the Big Centre.
We went to the central coffee shop, we got Costa coffee and cake, YUM, YUM!
The sights for the eyes were awesome.
I am now going into my own world now!
Me, in white short, short, hot, hot pants! I laughed at my imagination!
Tights and skate boots and an American Football T-shirt and an American Zipper!
I can imagine myself whizzing backwards with my feet in control.
I enjoyed my Costa Coffee and Cake.
The three of us had a good giggle, life is for fun.
An enormous amount of FUN!
David started dancing with “Stephania, my wooden leg!”
That was funny for Janiece and I to watch. We are still giggling! Even now!
We then went back to the apartment to organise our musical day now.




What an exciting, lunchtime, musical, extravaganza, for the mind.
This will blow my brain with all the music.
I said “Hi” to DJ DES GRANT, and moved into my front position at the stage.
This is the “REAL THING” for me and my broken brain fixing itself with the “SOUL” music.
Suddenly the curtains opened on the stage!
Seeing them right in front of me was stupendous for my brain!
I remembered the song lyrics the musical tones it was awesome for a “lunchtime”!
“WOW” again.
This is very good for my brain, to knit all the pieces together.
It felt that they were just singing to me, only ME!
I can get very selfish with myself just now.
ME, is the only thing that I think of just now, I am more important, to ME!
I still have a lot of things to sort out in my brain.

Dear Mr Patel,
                       You have done a great thing with my brain.
You have helped me with all the little pieces in my brain.
You have placed my Titanium plate in such a crucial place.
You have allowed me to get my memories back in my head.
I work hard every day to get it into fitness, for me and for you.
You deserve my attention towards you Mr Patel.
That is from the bottom of my heart.

All my love,
Pauline Quinn XXX

Even when I was watching the Real Thing and listened to the music, my heart went out to Mr Patel for bringing me back.
Mr Patel will ALWAYS be in my mind and my heart. FOREVER!

There was lots of old songs coming out now, brilliant.
The guys were good at all the jiggin’ on the stage.
It was great having lots of memories, a bombardment of life, it was great.
There was a great Guitarist and a Saxophonist on the stage, I was intrigued.
It was lovely to see them doing their own spot on the stage.
The Saxophonist came up to centre stage first, and blew his brass. “WOW”
The Guitarist spread out his legs at the centre of the stage and fingered his strings!
Now, that does sound a little bit saucy. Sorry my readers, I am only 25yrs old.
 They were “WOW” again.

The guys came up to the front row of their audience. The audience held their hands outstretched, they were searching for closeness to the REAL THING. They sang into the audience looking into each person’s eyes, now, that was very touching.
The guys must be about late 50’s to 60ish now, they still sang into your eyes.
That was wonderful for all the eyes that fell for the honour by the REAL THING!
Their arms flew into the air, joyously.

Leaving the “CENTRE STAGE”

I had a great musical afternoon, my body was doing flips inside of me.
I was SO full of energy.
Janiece and David and I had a great afternoon so far.


DJ Des Grant was still playing his musical theme.
We had another wee chat and a picture for my blob/blog.
I’m getting quite good at this, as I am becoming a director of my life on my live net.
David and I dance all the way home with the music in our ears.

When we went outside the clouds were knitting together.
It had been a beautiful clear sky earlier, if it rains, it rains, I’m happy!

We all go home for our dinner and our chit, chatting, it was hilarious.
The first ones ready for tonight was June and myself.
We were ready to GO, GO, GO.


The first camp was born: Skegness was
designed by Billy Butlin himself, who sketched
his ideas on the back of a cigarette packet.
He believed that everyone had the right to take
a break without worrying about the cost.
He promised “A week’s holiday for a week’s wages”.

People still DO love coming to a Butlin’s every where!
People go from North, South, East or West anywhere in the UK.
The postcards years ago were very funny and they still are.
From Piers to swimming to sunbathing on the beach, cards were cool.
We moved into our evening fantasy again.

So far I have walked twice, yes, TWICE and then heard the “REAL THING”
Now here I go…………………….

I meet up again with DJ DES GRANT, he called “Hi” as we passed by his booth.
I waved my hand up towards him and called to him “HELLO!”
Des has been playing the music from 7pm, it’s now 8pm and NUTBUSH is due to come onto the stage.

This is an entertainer who personates TINA TURNER.

NUTBUSH was using the whole floor of the stage, with those legs.
She mimicked Tina Turners legs. Those legs were definitely in control.
The legs and hair and BANG! It was Tina Turner.
Nutbush started her show in her red and blue dress.
There was a GUY next to me dancing to the music “In a DRESS!”
That was Hysterical or Historical now. I laugh constantly.
What a great gift that I have back, my humour.
Then I met;
Mary the Nun, (Hail Mary, though art so!)
James the Bishop, (Bless you my child!)
Tracey the WPC, Woman’s Police Constable, (Hello, ello, ‘ello!)
Dane the PC Copper, (Right, you’re nicked!)

I carried on with NUTBUSH and her clothing it was really spectacular, her changes were quick for the stage.
I enjoyed watching her legs having fun, I need to look through my videos and put something on here.
I will eventually do all of this by myself, don’t get me wrong, I do type all by myself and I take all the pictures, apart from me in the pictures.
I know that I need to learn how to put this onto the computer and how to attach a photo or a video now. I re-learn lots of things just now.
Nutbush was next in her cream Kaminoko…….
Then the Blue short, short dress with those legs.
Then BANG!!!!!
The BLUE SMURFS!!!!!!!!!!
Now this is interesting for great me.
Then next to our company there was added the Inventors with a P H in their name.

                                    PLEASE BE AWARE:
                                      SMOKE EFFECTS
                                AND STROBE LIGHTING
                            MAY BE USED IN THIS VENUE.

The materials on these outfits were fantastic.
Gold lammay tight all in one body wrap, how long does it take to go to the loo?
I moved up towards the front, I loved standing right at the front so that I could see
everything and not miss anything.
There was a young girl next to me, she was waiting for the;

                                    BRAND NEW HEAVIES

The girl was named “JAN”
She just adored the Brand New Heavies, she follows them as much as she can.
Jan is a proper “Trooper”.
Hey Jan, that young guitarist is pretty cute now that you mention it!
The young guy on the stage at my right hand side, he has longish light brown hair and he moves over the floor with his guitar. Pretty Cool!
Hmmmmmmmmm, NICE.
Jan’s friend is called Jo, they fully enjoyed their expectation of this “gig”
Even Jan showed me her T-Shirt, she pulled her hair out of the way so that I got a good picture for my story.
Jan said; “T-Shirt, No Face” so I complied with her wishes, she did say that there was NO make up so we shall give it a mess. Eh!
I found it quite funny, as years ago I didn’t like my picture being taken unless the makeup was on my face.
I love it that I’m alive so I don’t care about the makeup anymore.
Result probably!
The guys next to me were letting their body feel the groove in the music.
The girl lead singer, I’ve seen her before in her grey suit and her grey skip hat.
I have seen them in my life before, but only on the T.V. before, I don’t know when in my memory, but they are there!
I go back to the table and join Janiece, David and Peter.
I catch up on what is happening while I have been at the front of the Brand New Heavies.


Suzie was engrossed with some ones phone they were using Google, I think?
The gentleman in her company had his long big cat printed coat with his elegant walking stick, his big cat hat on his head with a bit of red dazzling around his neck.
He was very dazzling!
There are lots of people in prints so far this weekend. It was WOW!
There was a BLUE **************
He may be blue but he was full of beans.
Suddenly Captain Dan and Airhostess Suzy arrived to me for their official picture.
Hey, Dan and Suzy, I do fly!
That is the very professional picture by both of you, “I THANK YOU BOTH. XXX”
It was time to go to bed.
Sleep well everyone.


I got up early to a beautiful sunrise.
I took a picture and all of a sudden the camera takes pictures that I never knew.
The pixels in the camera are designing my sunrise, putting the picture in a frame!
I think that the camera is very clever, I need to learn more now, I’m improving!
The sun was finding it’s way to see me, to say;
“Good morning my brain injured Pauline”
The sun smiles at me, I’m fortunate with the weather so far.
David and I are ready for our walk;
Who else is ready!
I’m walking for NEUROCARE CHARITY.
David is walking for JIMI HENDRIX.
Janiece is walking for SPORT.
June & Sam are ready.
Peter, he is ready too.


The boys are waiting outside for me but you know what I’m like! LOO! Again, oops!
We all had a great start to our walk.
This was the first time that we all had a “together walk” here at Bognor Regis.
Everyone loved the chattering this morning, we all laughed constantly.
I looked out to sea to make sure that we were all ok.
Nothing was going to appear from the deep depths of the ocean.
I told the family “OK, Guys, We’re fine, let’s go for our walk!”
June Akindele, just double checked for me, just incase!
A lot of time, I don’t trust anything or anyone anymore!
That’s my life!
I used to TRUST before, but NO LONGER, ANYMORE!
As we moved further along the shore, Peter went down to the start of the sea; I think he has had some story to tell the sea the sun and the shore.
It’s good to be by yourself and THINK.
Sam and June both took thoughtful moments on their own too, they were on their own path just thinking.


THINKING is a thing that we all have done this weekend.
We all have regenerated our minds with our thinking, it is amazing!

                                   MICK & SHARON FOUNTAIN

As everyone was having their thoughts and thinking, I looked at Janiece!
Janiece suddenly took off her sunglasses and said “HELLO!” to a couple walking past me on the promenade.
I really was confused!
As I walked towards them to hear their conversation, (as I’m nosey!) I took off my sunglasses and listened.
Janiece had asked them, “Do you remember US!”
Now we were in Bognor Regis, how would we know anyone!
I could not get the thing that brought us together.
Suddenly Janiece mentioned;
The Greyhound; Dunstable; The Keytones, Jim Moody.
Mick and Sharon Fountain came to The Greyhound when we owned it and I was the Landlady too, way back 26yrs, 1986!
Mick still had his hair style from the Rockabilly style.
Some things we shall never change.


It’s been a long time since our last meeting,
I do hope that all is well with you both.
Keep in touch please.

All my love,
Pauline (Broken Brain) Quinn XXX

What a great meeting this morning, so far! ……………………
I wonder what path my life goes onto next!

The fisherman brought in his goods from the sea, lobsters, crabs, fishy thing’s……
That’s good words – fishy thing’s. I laugh at that.
All the nets to drag along the seafloor for their “fishy thing’s!”
We went out to the Pier again and saw the fisherman with his rods.
One rod wasn’t enough it was 2!!!!   WOW 2 RODS! Coolio!
Sometimes we would just bring up some very serious topics, or just silly funny hilarious topics to bring everyone together.


I was telling them that I will ride a bike here, “One of these days!”
Having a wish and a dream for your future is a great thing to have.
We all used the exerciser on the promenade, it can test your strength.
My strength is a small strength, it will get better.
I found it difficult to open a plastic bottle of pop and I always asked them to open for me, now I do it all by myself, I push myself.


I shall let you into a little secret, Shhhhhhhhh!
Don’t mention to anyone, BUT;
Janiece get’s under me with her shoulders to hold me up!
This your secret and i’ts my secret.
No one knows, Ahmmm! Shhhhhh!
Janiece even does exercises on the bench.
I said “It’s a bench sitty upy thingy!” not bad, Eh!!!!!!
This is a proper workout this morning, we are working out at our arm muscles today.
Peter was so good with the stamina  he held himself up there for quite some time.
WOW! That was good.
We went further and it was another arm jiggery thing to use, I kept myself away from that as I knew that it would be silly to think that I could do that!
I got everyone together for a picture for me, taken from me, it’s so special to me.
I did get in with Peter’s help.


We started to walk back now and I looked at the sky.

X mark’s the spot, now that is where we are all staying!

                              AIDEN, THE BMX GUY!

Aiden has appeared again for my Blob/Blog story!” today.
“God morning, Aiden” I said.
We had another wave to each other and had a wee chat.
Adian sat on his throne, at the top of his Castle with his BMX.


When we looked across the road we noticed all this coming’s and going’s.
We crossed the road and made our way to the side street.
We joined where our hearts would follow!
We crossed the road and then we heard the music.
The music came from the school orchestra.
They had true Jamacian drums, your heart was beating with them in the rhythm.
There is now 3, yes three, sets of drums.
There is 3 different types of drums to be played.
We walked into MEDUSA @ Bognor Regis.
They had bit’s and bob’s of everything. It was very interesting.
Peter bought me a necklace and earrings’ set, fantastic!
I have the biggest smile. 


We made our way home and I couldn’t wait until I put these beauties on my neck.
I put their matching earrings on too. I said thanx to Peter again, it was lovely.
We had our brunch by this time, it was scrambled eggs and bacon. YUMMY!!
I carried on typing with my blob/blog. I got another coffee and some little treats to eat, a brioche and a marzipan sweet.
We all had a fabulous morning so far, I carried on, still with my words for writing and everybody was on their topics.
I did a lot of my writing and then it was time to go for our musical afternoon.
We got ready to go, go, GO!
We got into the Centre Stage the colours were fantastic, again, all over the room.
Even JIMMI HENDRIX was having a good little boogie!
The three boys enjoyed their dancing to the SOUL, it’s the best beat in the rhythms.
We were all having a COOL GROOVE to the sound of the rhythm.
DJ DES GRANT was on again, this afternoon.
He is very good at mixing all the sounds of the SOUL.


It was 3pm and the curtains fell apart for a EUPHORIA, we were having a great feeling of elation, we had a great ability to endure it from the music.
The music was fantastic, I felt great at the front row of the stage again.
I moved over to our table for a dink of juice and then I took a picture of the guests.
I then noticed a big flash coming from the stage, it was very intriguing to know what was happening here. I shall look into it further at another time, or maybe I can ask my brother Brian, the photographer in Glasgow.
Brian will probably know what is happening with the light? I’ll ask him!
I thought, if Brian knows, then he will let me know that he knows so if you know then I will know!
Brian has just txt me back about the light works. He can’t explain it to me just now.
Too complicated!
SIMPLE BRIAN, what a clever brain you have. 


When the next group came on the stage, they were rather “HOT”
They were a great sight for my eyes. “STUNNING”
I wonder how old he is now!
I started doing the video this weekend for the bands so I hope that I can put them on my blog, just a few minutes here and there. Let’s see!
I made my way over to our table and when I got there Janiece and David were having a close dance together.
A romantic dance!
Then it was time to leave the Centre Stage, we needed to go home for our dinner now.
We all went home for June’s and Janiece’s home made food, we could still feel the electricity in our bodies.
For this weekend, we have never had such a closeness and togetherness.
It has been wonderfully!


This was our last evening of the SOUL.
We were walking over to the Centre Stage and I espied “THE LADIES IN RED!”
They were little devils today, those saucy women-men.
As I sat down at the table I thought, is there something in the water here!
The little fairy next to me called him/herself JACK.
He/she had a rough voice, Jack made me laugh again, he knows that this is going into the blob/blog. He has bright eyes and a very happy smile, that makes me smile.
Then there was JERRY;
He had ENCEPHALITIS of the brain, the SLEEPING SICKNESS, 40% of it eats the organs and the muscles in his body, JERRY lost his life for 5wks.

I shall think and pray for you too, you deserve it <3 

I went up to the front row of the stage to take my position for more videos when SOUL II SOUL were coming on.
All of a sudden all the medical staff turned up as………. MEDICAL STAFF.
That was very funny.
The girls were very dramatic, they over acted for me, they knew that this would be put on my blog.
I took a good picture of some feet at the front of the stage, brilliant, with my sense of humour, awesome!
SOUL II SOUL arrived late, I was so excited I didn’t care.
FEELING --- 100% good, excellent.
Now here goes;
I started to video again, but I did quite a few things now.
For the full screen on the camera, I had;
The 3 ladies were backing up and dancing their routine for SOUL II SOUL.
JAZZY B on the musical magic buttons *****************


Then Jazzy B walked around the stage singing supreme.
Then the front singer was still there too. I was concentrating on quite a few things all at the same time.
Not bad. Eh!
I sat down for a rest, and watched all the dancing.
We then went for a break when they finished the songs.
Janiece and I went for a look at the purchases on offer.
We picked up coloured flashing spectacle glasses now.
We were ready now as these lighted glasses will be suitable for our xmas family party.
We all got ready for our next surprise and that was E’MACULATE.
Immaculate is a good word but, E’MACULATE.
He was up at the very front of the stage again.
E’maculate they are now.
I watched the Saxophonist by now, he was enthralling now.
There was quite a few pictures which I liked to take, so I did.
The Saxophonist was bright with his red troosers (trousers!)
I have got a superb picture of his silhouette and his brass.
E’MACULATE gave us an immaculation.
What a fantabulous evening.
Good night




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