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Saturday 27th to 31st October 2012

I'm back with my thoughts and my diary;


As I got up in bed, I looked at my watch. It was 07:30am.
I went downstairs to make myself a coffee and started writing straight away.
I have a few writing jobs to do for myself.
I was mulling things in my head so I took a coffee up to the room. I took all the covers and folded them away, and then I flattened the bed.
Once everything was stored away, I pulled up the table for me to put all my stuff on it to remember all my small details. My memories!
I found my jumper? It has a beige body jumper made of mohair and two black sleeves from different wool, they were stuck together with safety pins?
I found another dress! It was the dress that I bought for Janiece’s 50th birthday party.
I then went through a silver box with my bits and pieces of jewellery in it. I had found a little earring that I had made years ago!
Looking at the colours on the silver square piece felt good inside of me.
I started remembering things again, Portugal, Ireland and She-Rhee Park.
I went downstairs to make a tea and coffee to waken Janiece and David up now.
I wanted my day to start now, I have had so many memories already and we have not even finished breakfast yet!
Later, when David and Janiece got up, they started making brunch for us. Hmmm.
I was now still typing in my P.J’s. Shock/Horror and I still had all the other clothes on top from my starting day bizarre.
I was having a lovely lazy morning, I was just enjoying my stories that I was writing.
It was a busy morning for me with a lot of my friends on FB.
I had to organise all my priorities for the charities so far.
I wanted to know from DJ Ash Selector, What town? What date?  What time?
What to do!
Ash has sent me some details that I can peruse now.
I have a quite busy time now for me.
I sent a message to my friend She-Rhee Park.
I found it good to organise all my cards that I looked at again.
She-Rhee’s mother has a radio station in Seoul in Korea.
She has 90.7 FM Radio Station, pretty cool, eh!
Her dad is a Senior Executive Vice President & COO.
What a mouthful amount of job positions for things to be?
I shan’t say anything else there; it may be something so cool it’s unbelievable.
“Hey, She-Rhee, How are you these days my dearJ
When I was re-gathering with some of my friends, we all had a good chat about my life now and I had to tell them about what happened to me suffering from my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. It will take me some time to get through them all.
I only have a small piece of time a week for that.
Everyone needs a little note just from me. :-)
We then got towards the end of the afternoon. David ran me a bath for a long soak.
I then got ready to go home for my dinner it’s usually ready at 5pm.
As soon I walked into my home it was “scarey”
The staff had started early for the HALLOWEEN, WhOOOOO!
The big web in the kitchen was very funny to me. I did giggle. :-)
I thought, Who’s leg? Who’s arm? Who’s hand? Who’s spider? Whoooooo.
I had my chicken time? Did the chicken run away? Funny?
After dinner I went to my room and I seen all the red patches all over my neck and my hands.
What is going on with my body?
On my throat the mark in not a scratch; it has had nothing near or on it?
Look at my throat where my catheter was? WHY?
You normally only notice the white line alone, there is nothing else?
Why do I have the red mark?
I then look at the red mark on my right hand?
It’s not a scratch; it has had nothing near or on it? WHY?
I then get very curious about my left wrist?
It’s not a scratch; it has nothing near it or on it, again? WHY?
I have been so puzzled with all these sights of mine.
I continued to write a letter.
I requested my furniture for moving.
I think, if I have paid for it, I would like to have all my possessions again.
I get quite selfish that way, this is one of the sides of a Brain Injury, I want, I want, I want!
Brain Injuries can be a pain in the neck at times with my attitude, this is my diary about me, me, me!
My diary, my story, my brain effects/affects!
If I have paid for it, I shall keep it?
I’m starting to gather all my furniture pieces together now.
I went back to my room and got ready for my bed, I was heavily tired.
I went to bed just after my drugs before 9pm.
I lay on the bed and floated away in my dreams. Perfect.
I shall see you all tomorrow.

SUNDAY 28th & MONDAY 29th OCTOBER 2012

My day's off.


When I got up this morning, Pauletta was reading her French dictionary to say some words to me! She is a very clever nurse.
I now saw new blotches on my body. Why do they love to collapse on my skin.
I looked out of the bedroom window and saw the beautiful daybreak happening.
The colours from the sky were awesome. One minute the sky was pretty clear; hardly any clouds, and then the clouds gathered together for a good mixing. It was just after 7am and I thought that I would watch the breakfast news. They were putting up all the terrors in NY City. The Hurricanes. The whole front of the building collapsed!
I stopped watching the television as some words here were, just not the right thing for me to listen too.
The staff had said that there was a party today for us rehabilitators.
I had seen that they were going to have a disco, music and lights.
Hmmmmm, a buffet dinner. What a great idea for us all.
I had seen our party signage, it was advertised on a card yesterday for Wednesday 31st but they changed the days around and brought our party 1 day earlier.
I was only going to get myself dressed once today, as I knew it would be a fun day and hopefully dancing would be a great exercise for us.
I was having my picture taken for my fun day. Woooooooo.
They had put out a lot of decorations on the walls and ceilings.
I really liked my witches’ broom. :)
I thought my make up was very entertaining to everyone.
As I got into the kitchen the white webs fell from above! I finally found two friends to play with on this fun day. The web was owned by Shirlee the spider. Then the little boy was Rat the Ratty, he asked if he could hang about with me too today.
Shirlee moved into my hair and then Rat the Ratty moved into my shoulder. What funny little animals they were.
I was telling the animals about my friend Pauletta. She is a nurse but her desire to is visit “Gay Paris” she is now learning her new language. She sat in the Art Room to study her new language.
It was quite warm so she had to use her Spanish Fan from Salou in Spain, Espana.
I started with my baking that I had thought about and arranged last week. I wanted to make little fairy cakes for all of the rehabilitators like myself. A GIFT.
I had been so quiet through my baking. Silence was golden.
I felt absolutely knackered now after all the concentration that I used.
I thought that I would just lie down for twenty minutes, did that happen…… NO
Andy popped in for a wee chat with me. He had a lot of work to do but see my mouth and words that fall out from me. Sometimes I should staple these lips. Yikes. 
I had a nice time chatting anyway. Andy enjoyed our chat so I shall say “HI Andy ;-)”
I got a chap on the door and it was Ssssadie.
She wanted to know if I would go down and dress all my little fairy cups, 12 designs Eh.
It was great just to act like a child with colours and use your imagination too.
Ssssadie asked if she could use her imagination too and I said……..YES!
We had such a lot of fun so far.
Pauletta asked if she could join me in the kitchen for the party! She found a good place to see all that was happening. She had her First  Aid box so that she would be fine. Just in case!
We sat and talked.
Why do I pretend that I am having a chat with my fluzzey. Pauletta.
I do look out for all the right things to do for a story***********
Crikey, I do enjoy my imagination these days.
My brain has come back, more energetic, it has more VA, VA, VOOM now.
Pauletta sat there with Shirlee the spider  and Bones the skeleton man.
She was very warm and opened her Spanish fan for a bit of fresh air.
She kept her eyes on her First Aid bag. “Be prepared” she said.
The music was starting to play and Bones was snuggling into her, he was very affectionate towards her. Hmmm, I thought “I better watch out there for any jiggery, pokery now. Eh!”
I seen Francois, he was hovering in the corner of the kitchen, dancing into the lights on the ceiling. It had so many colours in the air, pinks and blues
It was very intoxicating; I was watching and hearing all the actions around me.
I had to move my legs and DANCE.
My house resident in his chair has a dog called Ruby. I got up on my feet and asked him to dance with me in his chair. He accepted to me and let his head flow to and fro.
We totally enjoyed the music, it was so much fun.
The colours were making great pictures on the ceiling and the walls. It was awesome.
I ended up with my broom, was I going to fly away…………….no.
Pauletta looked after the two brooms to keep me safe here. Bones gave Pauletta another little cuddle. I could see all the way through his eyes……….SPOOKY.
All of a sudden Bone’s twin called Brittle appeared at the party for Halloween.
Brittle was a dancer and he loved to joke, he loved to play about with the magic fire.
This was all the jokes coming out now as it was a Halloween party.  Wooooooooo.
All of a sudden there was the most HUMUNGOUS spider. AHHHHHHhhhhhh.
It crept and crawled all over the lights stand.
All of a sudden I heard a new voice, Ah, it was Red Felipe!
He crept and crawled and spat some gooey stuff from his mouth. Sneakily spat.
Brittle just stood there and looked at his poor skeleton twin brother, Bones was lying on the floor, just like ME. Yes, Pauline Quinn. MY MEMORY.
When I went from the hoist to the chair that was kind of a, OK.
Now, from the chair and me, we were a great rival from each of us.
I hated that chair.
I had such a GREAT DESIRE to get back into my own two feet.
I tried to run away from the chair.
“I tried to run...I couldn’t even walk. But I wanted to run. :-)”
Would I ever take a small step first? No.  I really was stupid before.
The twins stood there with their magic fire and Red Felipe hung about in the air.
They stood there dancing into the night of our Halloween Party. Wooooooo.
Rat Rattay and I spoke to my neighbour Jools and Dandy Andy.
We had a good evening so far. We laughed a lot and we smiled a lot.
The big spiders web above us was being silly with all the strangers.
They left hands, legs, arms and strange bones. Hoooooo, Whoooooo.
There was white webbing stuff too.
Pauletta decided to lie down for a few hours, her body was exhausted.
She invited Bones for a rest now and my eyes were watching everything.
What thing was happening with Bones now, his joints were so bright, and also, what was she doing with my two brooms?
Red Felipe popped in to stop all the misbehaving between them both. TUT, TUT.
The lights on the ceiling was getting more brighter now.*************
You could disappear in their shapes and colours.
I had a friend to dance with me it was Alfonso aka Jools. Then Big Dandy Andy got up to dance too.
We were all moving our arms, up and down, left and right. We moved our bodies.
This was a great way to exercise for us.
Don’t get me wrong, we were dancing, but this actually was exercises.
The spiders appeared in the web above our heads,  they were calling to us, it was time to call our day a close, an end, over, the finish, Le fin.
I spoke to Paulette about her evening and she said “Oui, Pauline. Tres superbe, magnifique, mon ami”
I was getting ready to say goodnight to all the little friends.
They all appeared on the table and said,  “Bon nuit, Pauline”
I was quite pleased that they made an effort to say goodnight to me.
That was very generous of these little demons on Halloween evening.
Sometimes the smallest effort to be made by me, can be the biggest step for me.
I definitely felt that on my holiday in Salou.
On my first night I bent my legs at the knees = Dancing?
On the last night Phil Horwood  and his wife Caroline Horwood & Clive Whyte invited me to the floor for doing the proper dancing 1-2-3 step dance.
That was the biggest step for me and the biggest effort.
Pauletta lost her French dictionary. Oooops!
I searched everywhere for it but it was lost. Boo Hooooooooooo.
Did one of the twins use his magical sense to disappear the French dictionary?
I had to hold her tight to calm her down and I used her fan to cool her down as she got quite hot with her upsetness.
Our night was finishing at 8:15 pm and it was time for our Halloweending Siesta.
We all went to our rooms for our great siesta.
Just as I was about to go to my room, I searched one more time for the French dictionary, Hoorah! I found it on the floor behind the curtain, or hiding from me. ;-)


I am now starting on my new focus, it will be a book of me, which should be a very interesting subject for me just for now.
It will hold my emotions.
It will hold my thoughts.
It will hold my feelings.
It will hold my good days.
It will hold my bad days.
It will hold my fit days.
It will hold my fat days.
It will hold all of my memories.
It will hold the A to Z of my life.
Life Eh!

I am also starting on a cartoon for now; I hope it will make some people laugh.
I want to help as many people out there in the world with their own brain injury.
I hope that I can be an inspiration to as many people as I can.
I think we should fulfil our dreams.
I wish that anyone could have an attempt to be able to try, yes TRY is a wonderful word to:-


I have thrown my life in to the wind and here I am now.
I try to dance, I try to sing (I’m not very good but who cares), I try to paint, I try to tell a story, I am courageous, I am confident, I am strong, I am daring, I am a rebel and I fight the fight.
I have had a broken brain too. :-)

I love to say the words that Neurocare Charity brought into my sight.
I cannot let these words disappear from me!
Let’s get our heads together.
I would shout that sentence from the smallest hill to the largest mountain, anywhere!
Let’s all bring our/your heads together.
I think we are all worth it.
We all deserve to move forward with our brains.

We can all make it back home. :-)

Bonne nuit.
Buenas noches.
Goodnight every broken brain. JUST LIKE ME.


I woke up at 07:20am.
I felt bright and breezy, full of va, va, voom. :-)
When I walked into the kitchen my little friends were waiting for my arrival.
It was Shirlee my head spider and Rat Rattay the rat
They were ready for another day’s excitement with me.
We were just having our weetabix and a coffee to share between the three of us. Hmm.
Nobby came into kitchen and asked me how I felt after my sleepless night. GULP.
I told him that I went to bed after my drugs last night and I’m just up!
I slept for 10hrs! I had a great nights sleep.
People should think before they talk, he did apologise so I shall forgive him for his sleepyness in his head.


I loved having my lazy, lazy day.
I got ready at 11am.
I watched all the morning gossip channels to bring myself back to life.
They had the Frame Store with Lloyd  Sargent.
They also had the Film Commission with Samanthia Perahia.
They made Human – Cartoons.
They made black all in one outfits with lights all over the body, the legs, the arms, they were your new cartoon on the telly, very clever. Eh!
The Ice Age and Shrek cartoons are going to be on the stage now/live from Friday.
I think I should advertise for everyone .
“Good times everywhere, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy” Does that impress you!!!

I was doing my physio at 1pm. I went through all my workouts and now I have been given a new exercise. I do some press ups on the wall. Superb.

I had such a lazy, lazy, lazy day. T.V. Nothing. Brilliant. Goodnight

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