Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Back On Track.....1940's Vintage Weekender "Day Two"

The brain does go off track every now and then..............that's life!
There is a sparkle of sunshine on the horizon which follows me whatever way I turn.

After the wonderful day in sunshine, music and laughter in the Winding Wheel, it was a great scene to watch it all over again.

 They had Land Ladies who worked so hard even polishing the horse harness to keep the leather soft.
Veterans turned up for the trip down memory lane.

.They showed you what was done on the farm.

A beautiful handmade dress for the 1940's Vintage Day

Now to dance the day away..........

Jiving, Swinging and Moving on the dance floor.

The audience loved to watch the dancing

The hen loved all the pampering this day.
She was so chilled out and loved to see what was happening that day.
She was the star that day.

Ruling her roost!
She chose the right height to view.
Ello,Ello, Ello!
"Pauline; you're too small for me to perch on!" said Primrose the hen.

 Primrose makes me laugh that day.
 Why has the camera been distorted on both pictures........has something fluttered by us?

 I'm enjoying being my own photographer too!

Oops! What happened there!

Tina & I both know how hard it can be to smile after our brain trauma's!
A great bunch of happiness.........
.....and song.
Togetherness is holding onto each other; shoulder to shoulder the keep the line strong.
Togetherness with Terry, Malc & Tony

Cover PhotoRicky Hunter with the dancers and singers, a great atmosphere had by all.

My mum (May Quinn) will love this topic and most likely sing all the songs to me again.

Camaraderie Abundant

My life seems to be full of colour and happiness again.

Life is for living
Breathe in and out......and smile!

Smile and the world smiles back!

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