Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winding Wheel 1940's Vintage Weekend; Day One.

On the Thursday I went out for a coffee with Susan at Leonard Cheshire Disability to Holmebrook.
It was nice to go back there for the green, the coffee and a chat.

On Friday 14th February, I had to be home for a call from the Dr at 4pm.
He needed to know how I was feeling and was there any after effects as I'm now on new medication.
 A usual Dr thingy to ask.
He'll look into a Councellor for me, sometimes through this trauma you really need to talk.
I've been through very colourful words of late on the phone. I'll get through it one of these days. 
After my colourful words, I'm no longer fit enough after my behaviour!
How did that happen?
I went into town on the Saturday 15th, it was the 1940's Vintage Weekend.
The guys were dressed with the older suits and the Spatz Shoes, very snazzy!
We had a good chat and Terry asked me to see them all dancing later in the Winding Wheel.

Terry, Malc & Tony the Swing Jive Dancers

Superb Sptaz Shoes

The Style was coming out in fine form in Chesterfield.

"For Sale"...Hmmmmmm!

"Hello Pauline!" I heard as I walked down towards the Pomegranate Theatre.
Oh My God!
It was Ian who was in the Jeep in the market some time ago.

I gave Ian the title of being the model of the times.
The pictures are more interesting that words.

What a colourful day already and I haven't seen the Dancers doing their Swing Jive yet!

Tea for Two,

Tina & Terry Lines

Ricky Hunter Big Band
Professional Trumpeter

A great extravaganza day of music, singing and dancing in Chesterfield's Winding Wheel.

A proffessional photographer capturing the great sights.

A superb day by all.

Ricky Hunter Big Band brought the misic for all.

Tina Lines having so much joy, a special lady to know.
It was fate to meet and put a smile on your face......... ThanX

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