Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Highest of High's

It was the start of February and I now enjoy going to the College on a weekly basis.
Knowing that I have to go there, I must get up pretty early, it's a long session to waken the body up.
This is when you get The Highest of High's!
Having feelings suddenly appear in the feet and legs has given me the push to get out of bed in the morning to hopefully feel another feeling that has been so mixed up with nerves in the feet and legs.

It helps the nerves take the right paths in the feet and legs.
The students seem to capture the nerves deep inside my feet and legs at their touch and they help to show the nerves the right way.

I can now feel the weight of my body on my legs and feet, I get that Highest of High Feelings that I can feel things now..........but, it's also the Lowest of Low's, I don't like the feelings that ache my body limbs against me.
I stand in one place for too long is sore!
To hear more than one conversation in the same room at the same time is so frustrating!

The legs are sore, the brain is sore; how much longer do I have to put up with this.........YIKES!!!

 Alexandra arrives for me and we get into the routine of Reflexology.


 Alexandra made a Twist movement on my right foot which made me feel the sharp deep nerve at the top of the right thigh. WoW!

Alexandra knows what she's doing there with these feet

Happy at what she knows.

Bridget the tutor turns up for some more info, there's a lot to learn here about my feet and legs.

Would I ever have known at what happens to the feet and legs after this trauma; it's amazing!

Would you have ever of thought of the pain that you get waiting at the bus stop.
I've decided to walk as much as I can to get these legs movin' again.

Got the nails done for the interview on the 11th February 2014.

At Qigong and Thai Chi class
Colorscheme in motion now, Green & Purple.
Lots of Ladybirds appear to watch the show.

I need to re-fresh the brain on the computerism stuff..............
I'll catch up with a pc genius this week.

This was videod by my friend Chris;

**As I was coming towards the end of this little session, hte (the) brain was struggling to remember what motion to take next............. in the brackets is another replacement in the spelling, wing that I do every dayich is a regular thh**

The brain runs all over the place regularly which I have to concentrate to fix a tiny thing like spelling.
This is a "Bummer"

ThanX Chris XXX
The Ladybirds were doing the movements too!

Next day off to Chesterfield College for more Reflexology.

The next Student for the Reflexology is Beth.

 I was starting to feel my right foot and leg as being "My Own!"

 I decided to use my little camera to video a video interview........interesting!

This is my video taking a video being taken!?<>!!!!!? = Fun.

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Here's the video on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8xx6a4Fvwg

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