Monday, November 28, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Chit-Chat's on a Sunday

It was a Bitterly Cold Sunday morning and the sun came out for our Chit-Chat day with Elliot.

I noticed that he was shaking with the cold so I gave him a wee woolly to heat him up and his humour came out with his natural posing style.

Elliot is interested on the project of Inspire Community Garden as part of his Masters Degree in Journalism at Sheffield University and this is where the Chit-Chat begins.                              

The caravan was getting an overhaul as they were getting rid of things inside that were not needed anymore as this would be our HQ at this moment in time.
It'll be the perfect place to have our cuppa and eat packed lunches over the winter months and it will also give us a roof over our heads if there was to be a sudden heavy downpour.

From up at the caravan area I noticed that we suddenly had another composting bin erected earlier in the morning. This area now seems to be filled with enthusiasm from all the volunteers even on a bitterly freezing cold morning....Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

They'd only been in the garden for over an hour and the second composting bin was fitted and getting filled up already!!!

I took Elliot to sign in on our visitor sheet and showed him our Registered Charity Certificate and showed him the information on our Tree Dressing Day next Sunday 4th December.........
.......Let's hope he can find time to attend.......

I noticed we had two lady visitors coming into the garden to sit down and draw.
"Sheer Bliss!" I thought.... I just may do that one of these days.

I then heard the arrival of a tractor which was coming to assist us to place the caravan in the right area.

Now this tractor was a godsend for Inspire Community Garden as this caravan is extremely heavy.

Ohhh My Goodness!
My eyes appear to be surrounded by more Life Lines..or are they Laughter Lines! Hahahahahahaha!
Definitely laughter lines.......

Now it was time for some Chit-Chatting

I did ask if you got my good side and decided to cut part of the heads off for fun......

Steve was informing Elliot of plans and hopes that could come from the garden in the future.

It's amazing how people still have time for smiles and fun even although they're cold and exhausted from working on the land.

To Be Continued..............

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