Saturday, November 19, 2016

"You Didn't Half Take The Biscuit!" - The Saga

At this moment in time, I've had my fill, dealing with U2.
A person can only give so much forgiveness and I've run out of it on U2.......

All I can say is - "You Didn't Half Take The Biscuit!"

I spoke to mum yesterday; and she asked me if we were communicating and I answered....
"You must be joking?" as we laughed at that hideously, extremely ugly thought!

I told mum that writing on this Blog (that was created by yourself Janiece Wallace), is the only way to communicate with you as I know you will read this.....maybe! It was to deal with all the wrongs that you have done towards me and about the forgiveness that has now been drained from me and quickly mum replied back;
"That girl has no spine and what you write will roll off her shoulders!"

I always thought that coming from a large family of 7 there would be lots & lots of love towards each other, support when we fell ill & cried, when relationships broke down, when we stood up for each other, when we picked you up when you were done!
"Oh Dear!!!..........That really is a fantasy that I've been living in and not Real Life Eh!"

I have 3 issues that I will Never Forgive you for but, I will have to come to terms with the (1) Lie you told to the NHS about ME being an Alcoholic, (2) Stealing from my refund payment from Glasgow City Council, the reason why you opened the Yorkshire Bank Account & (3) Stealing from my own Work Sick payments from my Clydesdale Bank Account.

(1) I shall Never Forgive you for the Lies you told the Doctors at the NHS as you told them that I was an Excessive Alcohol Consumer and I drank 1.5litre of Cider Every Day!
I only drink Cider when my funds are low or it's extremely warm weather.
I'm more of a pint of lager girl or a glass of wine.
 "Ooh Ahh the Cider drinker! Maybe you were talking about yourself? If I'm wrong...Oops! Sorry!!"
Do Yo Know? _ On my NHS File, I'm an excessive alcohol consumer! What a Sister Eh!
Basically - I'm an Alky Eh!
You've given me a very colourful background..........Shuck's!

alky | alkie | alchy

This page is about the slang term alky | alkie | alchy.
Meaning: an alcoholic
For example:
  • Poor old Bob turned into an alky after his business failed.
  • Anyone who's an alchy should try going to Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA. It's helped millions of people who've been addicted to alcohol.
Note: This word is offensive, so be very careful when using it.
Origin: short for "alcohic"
Well Janiece; you took the biscuit there as I was put on the wrong medication due to this Lie of yours!
I went from a size 10 in clothes to a size 20 and put on 6 Stone in weight in a few months. 
You were so creative with you're vocabulary to the NHS Doctors as that's where I put on a significant gain in weight from your words
Oh will you ever learn!
I was the one who decided to stop all medications but unfortunately I'm now on Blood Pressure Tablets due to the weight gain as I was a time bomb waiting to PoP!

(2) Below is the Freedom of Information request from Glasgow City Council and the sister is of course...Yourself!
I shall Never Forgive you for this as I NEVER new about this and NEVER gave you the Authority to receive this payment of £2006.89p
Now I know why you opened up the Yorkshire Bank Account.

And OOPS! It's spend time for you!.......

(3) I shall Never Forgive you for Stealing my monies which came from my sick benefits from The Mercure Hotel, Sheffield and making the call to Clydesdale Bank to obtain access to my Account .
"I bet you thought.......Money, Money, Money!"

OOhhh! OOhhhh! "You paid Hallis Hudson who you used for "The Pole House" your own home business......How clever you were to use my money for your bills! Kaaching!

Below is the recording of you requesting to get into my Clydesdale Bank Account without my knowledge and without my authority.

Just to let you know that this was recorded by Clydesdale Bank on Wednesday 1st August 2012

Janiece, you have done all of this by yourself so you have to accept what you have done.
Technology Eh!
You can learn something new every day!

To Be Continued............

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