Saturday, March 8, 2014

Repetativeness from the Vile Venom Liar.....Oops! It's ME!!!


I shall keep repeating this part of a certain story over and over and over again about the treatment that arrives from a Family!

I think; "am I the only one here?"
People look for Power and Power is Greed then Greed turns into Money!
Oops! Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Luchious Money!

I should write a letter to the Post Office as there has been no:-
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"It's all wrapped up in an envelope ready to wing it's way to Steve Jones as soon as my busy schedule lets me get to the Post Office xx"

Cut 'N' Paste; a great invention here!

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Last night I received a text at Sun 19:31 from my eldest sister.....You know who!

"If you hadn't jumped in with such venom and hatred to me,
which no one understands where it came from as we had nothing
but love and fun then I would have put your needs and requests
at the top of my list, but as you have been rude to me along with
voicing such vile lies then I'm sorry but I've been going through
my to-do-list as I see it with all the important tasks first xx"

Since the cash was given to her on the 15th of September 2013 with her travelling money it has been 173 DAY's..........!

What a journey.........I haven't even received a postcard yet!
I suppose the money is still on it's travelling experience!
Maybe the money notes are learning different accents to try to find me somewhere in the UK.

                                                               SERIOUS SITUATION

This situation that has happened, has no more merit to my thoughts..........
But it's now on another level!
Her Power and Greed has Succeeded now, Well Done You.
Enjoy every Penny of every Pound that you have swindled which was a gift from Dad to Me!

Changing her work position from being an Accountant to a RSW; a Rehabilitation Support Worker.

That is the biggest and saddest position to take over and move into now.
She mentions as in a letter to me;

I just hope that she hasn't used my name to receive this position......who knows!

She has taken this £500 cash gift for me from dad and has only given me £250 in Vouchers (which is her choice and not my choice).
I did eventually request John Lewis Vouchers as she would not give me the money as she says that the other sister may steal it from me.....What's she doing here! EH!
She's doing what she says that someone else is doing!

CONFUSIOUS SAY.........! "Sticky Fingers"
Well; I thought, "at least I may get something nice from there......!"
I'm her sister, fortunately you can choose your friends but unfortunately not your family!

I wonder if her employers are praising her for holding back my cash gift from my dad?
Maybe the employers are praising her for the knack to do similar things to others who need help!
Is this part of your degree to become a RSW, Rehabilitation Support Worker!
I wonder if she knows the meaning of words like "NEEDS" and "REQUESTS"
I'm just a Poor Brain Damaged Vile, Venom, Liar!

I'm just the Vile, Venom, Liar!
Possibly a Professional Vile, Venom, Liar!

I will not and shall not allow this to happen to others..........TAKE NOTE!

I wonder if Scotland will allow her back to the Green, Green, Grass in Scotland!

An ending humourous TV line;
I watched a Scottish comedy the other night and I laughed and laughed and laughed.
I lay flat on the floor doubled up laughing and crying it was so funny; the punch line was:-
"Wipe yer durty fulthy arse!"

I'm still laughing...............

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  1. Thank goodness for someones intervertion; To Stop or Change it's Result.
    Green Type and Underlined is a heads up to me.
    ThanX Very Much.