Sunday, May 1, 2016

INSPIRE COMMUNITY GARDEN - Part 2 - The Amazing Clearing

I walked into the garden and cried with happiness.
Happiness costs nothing.

I arrived at the plot at 11:15am
Nick Cooke from Headway had only just left, he had been to the plot and like a piece of magic he was in and out in a flash as he had used his machinery to do the clearing of the middle section.
I thought of the time and how long it would have taken for all of us doing this by hand and amazingly and miraculously we have no back aches, sore legs and blisters to boot. Thanks Nick from us All.

Look at this space.......... WoW!
It's pretty amazing........... there's some full grown trees which will make so much more sense in the designing of the garden and where to put the ideas that are coming in from every angle of this group.

I'm totally Dumbfounded !

I see Steve through the trees; so I venture further down the plot to see what was happening on the land with the soil

I saw that members of the group had already started to turn over the soil in the middle section.
This soil was richer, softer and darker in colour than the top of the plot as the brambles had enriched this piece of soil.
It was so much easier and quicker to turn over this earth; it was good judgement to turn this area around in just a few hours.

I'm pretty sure that this clearing this morning has boosted the atmosphere within the group and it has also given everyone that VaVaVoom to their energy to put strength back into the ground.

It felt like there was electricity in the air as there were lots of conversations all over the place about different areas within this plot and what was the best for the land.
It was amazing as there was Lots & Lots & Lots of Blethering and suddenly this garden was begining to take shape.

Today has been Smiles Galore & Happiness all around me.

I looked over and seen that Chris was in the process of creating a handmade wattle fence from branches of the felled trees. It was to secure this area of the well.

Great imagination

Then it was time for the kettle to go on.

Then the water started to boil for tea.

Then the group went Continental with a new Italian member.

Steve then gave the new member a warm welcome to the project

As all gathered around for a hot drink they were calling down that the kettle had boiled.

Our new Italian member called back through the trees to say "I'll be up in 10 minutes OK!"

This is pure dedication for the project.
I've been watching only a part of this morning and already I'm exhausted at what they have all done, it's as if I can feel all the energy that they have been using today.

I need to go for a  nap already....Shock/Horror!

Nick turned up again to see how everyone was getting on after departing to take his machinery home. He was surprised to see what they had achieved in such a small space of time as he wandered around the grounds.

I'm thoroughly exhausted and only took some pictures?
I'm going home for some Zzzzzzzzzzz's
Look forward to the next time at the Inspire Community Garden

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